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2022 Genesis G70: Level up “mass class” – News

Jan van Aix In the masterpiece “Arnolfini Portrait” (1434), the bride’s stunning green dress is lined with white fur from the belly of a squirrel: a minibar. The fun fur of the 15th century, the minibar was often used in place of the Elmin reserved for the aristocratic wardrobe. Despite the growing status of Bruges in the merchant class, the Arnolfini and Mrs. Arnolfini were unable to own a particular luxury due to the law of grace and codified small details like the belly of a squirrel. ..

Luxury goods may mark the beginning of mass production: continuous production and consumption of goods as a replica of luxury, otherwise destroying the social distinction maintained by cost and rarity. In a well-equipped apartment, the Arnolfini and his wife are pushing their stations as hard as the law allows. Had there been a “real housewife in medieval Bruges,” they would have been raining in slow-motion Benjamin.

The 2022 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport Prestige ($ 51,445 in test) was assembled from some of the most snow-covered lower abdomen of the Hyundai Motor Group’s tree. This specimen, which represents a mid-life cycle modification of a compact sports sedan introduced in 2018, enjoyed the service of a top-spec engine. Speed ​​Automatic Transmission — and the dirtiest upholstery you can imagine: complemented by lipstick red quilted nappa leather with contrasting black stitching, cabin fascia aluminum trim and pewter-like patina.

Nowadays all Ruhe wears dark chrome. The G70’s murdered front grille, front-rear balance, and window trim (known as the daylight opening) were just one step in the process. The most fashionable members of the court sit in quilted leather pantaloons. G70 has them.

Also, nothing was born about the G70 accent. The Sport Advanced Package ($ 4,300) includes a variable exhaust valve system that responds to throttle position and demand. In Sport and Sport + mode, the V6’s polite whispers bloom in rich, resonating brogues, some of which are digitized and played through the cabin’s 15-speaker audio system. The active exhaust can be turned on or off as needed.

2022 Genesis G70: Level up “mass class”

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