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25 things you don’t know about me! – News

Constance Zimmer He has been acting since 1993 and landed her first major television role as Penny Burns Barrington nearly a decade later. Good morning miami.. Her television career has since Joan of Arcadia, Illegal, Boston Legal, Entourage And Tower on the sand..

The· Washington native Became even more famous after she played Quinking UnREAL From 2015 to 2018.She also spoke out multiple characters Transformers: Robot in disguise During the shooting of the Lifetime series.Zimmer’s ability to morph from one character to another became even more apparent when she painted Claudia Nicolo. Shameless And Robin Larkin Condor In the same year.She continues Good trouble Since its premiere in February 2021.

Zimmer’s life on the screen has been recorded for nearly 30 years, but there’s still a lot that fans don’t know about the actress.Candidates for the Emmy Awards We weekly Approximately about herself, including how she got her iconic voice. Read below for more information on Zimmer.

1. My favorite is bread from scratch. It’s a 12 hour process!

2. I’m an organized freak. There are no drawers or closets that cannot be perfectly organized.

3. One of my favorite organizing hacks is to put wooden clothespins on folded jeans of size and style written in sharpy.

4. I have never had a pet.

5. I replaced alcohol (most of the time) with a THC drink called Calexo, but it didn’t make me feel better.

6. My favorite book is Union of Dances Along John Kennedy Tool..

7. I’m crazy about candy, but I’m eating healthy and I had to find another way. I take these keto cookie dough protein bars by Bhu Foods and freeze them, and that’s my (but not) sinful joy.

8. I was 33 years old when I first lived alone.

9. I was in the first middle school breakdance class in Orange County in 1986.

10. The first TV movie had only one line [The Day My Parents Ran Away] And I was cut out, but you can still hear my voice saying the line.

11. In the 90’s, I was the daughter of a Duracell commercial in the plastic family “The Puttermans”.

12. My first job was 16 years old as a barista at an espresso bar in a liquor store.

13. I was an extra for Pepsi commercials Michael jacksonMy hair burned.

14. When I met Audrey Hepburn and had a beautiful conversation with her, I was the most star track.

15. My favorite movie is Harold and Mode Boy..

16. Look for heart-shaped rocks and shells on every beach you visit and have a good collection.

17. One of my favorite memories is this four-leaf clover taped to paper, which my grandmother found in Germany over 40 years ago. Carry it in your wallet.

18. One of my shows I have is the Louboutin shoes I wore as Quinn. UnREAL..

19. I’m in a pilot episode Felicity It is credited as “a girl with glasses”.

20. I need to have some kind of chocolate every day. I am known for eating chocolate-coated popcorn for breakfast. (Safe + Fair will be my favorite!)

21. My first car was a red BMW with a license plate “CONZI”.

22. I make a pretty good impression Christopher WalkenHowever, only from the kitchen scene At close range.

23. I speak fluent German.

24. I was training a gymnast Olympic trial When I was in 4th grade, I could still do a pretty mean backhand spring.

25, I screamed as a high school cheerleader and had a nodule in my throat. So my voice sounds like that!

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