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6 Exercises to Build Reflexes in NBA Players – News

NBA stars such as Stephen Curry A member of the Golden State Warriors or Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving has superhuman abilities to avoid defenders, create open shots, and find overtaking lanes for teammates. Their agility gives athletes an edge on the court, says Detroit Pistons athletic specialist and former strength and conditioning coach Larry Sanders. They also help players avoid injuries, he says.

Especially in this NBA season, some of the most resilient players are in a compressed regular season and tough, as many players didn’t take long to recover in the off-season after the 2020 season was delayed by a pandemic. play off.

“Once your body begins to feel tired, think about how to exercise, even if your body is misaligned and moved to a potentially harmful position,” he says. “At that point, you get injured,” says Sanders, who says it’s more difficult for tall people to maintain balance while playing explosively and dynamically. He works with basketball players to help athletes maintain physical control and spatial awareness while moving.

But you don’t have to be an NBA All-Star to enjoy the benefits of quick reflexes and coordination. Sanders states that as we age, we tend to lose spatial awareness and balance. This increases people’s risk of falling. The next exercise will give you more stable body control by performing routine functions such as getting out of the car or trying to balance when you’re on the subway when you need to stand. Useful for. He says that with more body control, he can recover the next time he slips on ice or trips on a route trail run. Also, quick reflexes and mobility can be the secret weapon of sports such as tennis, soccer and basketball.

Sanders says the following exercises can be performed as a warm-up or workout. Start slowly and gradually increase speed.

6 Exercises to Build Reflexes in NBA Players

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