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Act Fast If You Want A 2024 Cadillac Lyriq

The brand is hoping with successive model years, it can navigate the supply chain crisis and meet the clear customer demand. Per Automotive News, Cadillac’s global Vice President, Rory Harvey, said that the brand was looking to expand the availability of the 2023 Lyriq on a global scale. But EVs require far more semiconductor chips, allegedly up to ten times the amount of a regular vehicle.

“There is still incredible pent-up demand,” said Harvey. “We are selling and delivering good volume.” Speaking of the brand’s current 35-day supply in the US, he says: “The inventory situation is less volatile today than six months ago or a year ago,” which is a good sign that the automotive manufacturing sector is recovering from a tough few years.

The Lyriq is a crucial model for the brand as early data indicates 78% of buyers are new to Cadillac vehicles, with approximately two-thirds coming from Gen X and Y. Hopefully the 2024 allocations don’t sell out too quickly.

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