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Actual casualties from prison Covid cases may be higher than reported – News

Public health officials say the outlook for the overlooked virus death is in the country prison, Prison and Immigration Center There are certain risks involved. According to experts, it is difficult to prepare a prison for a future epidemic without knowing the full amount.For now, it is publicly known Total number of deaths It is mainly from the facility itself that is related to imprisonment.

“If you don’t know what’s really going on in the field, you can’t make good public policy,” said Sharon Drovich’s director. Covid Behind Bars Data Project The University of California, Los Angeles is tracking deaths from a coronavirus in an American prison.

Prison and prison officials advocated a methodology for counting coronavirus deaths in prisoners and said they were in compliance with all federal and local documentary requirements. For some, their mission is to track deaths “in custody,” and including the deaths of those who have recently been cared for but no longer cared for is complex, unrealistic, and overkill. He suggested that he might even evaluate it. The number of viral cases associated with the institution.

Cathy Hyatt, a spokeswoman for Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office, who detained Melius, said, “The prison has somehow owned what happened to people after they were released from our detention. It’s unfair to expect. ” “We comply with laws and broad standards set by the Virginia Department of Corrections, which include investigations and reports of persons who died in custody, both of which reported the deaths of former prisoners. “I don’t need it.” She added, “It’s ominous to think that we can somehow monitor and take responsibility for those thousands of people.”

Throughout the pandemic, the prison system has used different methods to publicly report deaths associated with Covid-19. Nevada prison They have informed state health officials about the death of prisoner Covid-19, but said they had not announced them. Mississippi Prison Authorities Prior to announcing in January that the deaths of about 20 prisoners were related to Covid-19, he said no prisoners had died from the coronavirus in the facility.

In Texas, a prison medical committee said coroners dismissed previous findings because Covid-19 was one of the causes of death, according to state prison system spokesman Jeremy Dessel. We are reviewing the case. .. Sheria Bradley, a 53-year-old prisoner, was found dead by an autopsy officer on “bacterial pneumonia, probably fungal pneumonia, a complication of Covid-19,” but the committee said she was “acute bacterial.” He concluded that he died of “bronchopneumonia”. Without listing Covid-19.

Actual casualties from prison Covid cases may be higher than reported

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