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Airbus reports 52% surge in June aircraft deliveries – News

Image source: Airbus

Tim Heffer

Paris, July 9 (Reuters)-Airbus’ share surged on Friday after aircraft manufacturers confirmed a surge in deliveries, bringing the total number of aircraft delivered in the first half to 297.

Delivery recovering from a pandemic-related slump increased 52% in the first half of 2020 from midpoint 196, compared to a total of 389 in the first half of 2019 before the coronavirus crisis crippled air travel. I will. ..

Data published late Thursday confirm a strong recovery in June after Reuters reported this week that Airbus delivered more than 70 planes that month, placing the first half of the delivery at a contact distance of 300 marks. did.

According to analysts, the share of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer has risen by 4.3% in deliveries, and Airbus has begun to reach its 2021 goal of rivaling last year’s 566 deliveries. ..

“In terms of overall delivery, Airbus appears to be comfortably on track, at least in line with the guidance of about 566 aircraft (achieved) in 2020, and could approach 600 aircraft.” Sash Tsusa, an analyst at Agency Partners, said in a memo.

Harry Breach, an analyst at Stifel, said Airbus had reached its annual target of 52% by the end of June, while averaging 46% at midpoint since 2000.

A note from city analyst Charles Armitage emphasized the powerful delivery of the A350 wide-body jet, despite weak long-haul travel, but he expressed concern about the slow delivery of the older A330 model. did.

Aer Lingus Uncertainty

Airbus said it won a total of 165 orders in the first half of the year and fell to a net 38 after cancellation. These include a recently announced order for 70 A321neos from United Airlines, part of an order for 270 from a US airline, and the rest will be sent to rival Boeing.

However, the latest Airbus data has questioned the fate of ordering five A350s from Ireland’s Aer Lingus.

According to detailed data, the $ 1.6 billion order has been removed from the airline’s order column and placed in the undisclosed airline column.

Normally, aircraft orders are processed in reverse, and the buyer’s name may be reserved first if requested to allow the airline to keep the fleet plan confidential.

According to industry sources, the unusual decision to unveil an order after it has been published may give it the flexibility to reassign or reduce the order at a later date, but Airbus data shows that the order has not been cancelled. Hmm.

Airbus and Aer Lingus’ parent company, IAG, had previously transferred some of the airline’s original 12 A350 orders to other parts of the group, but declined to comment.

Meanwhile, Macquarie Air Finance gradually reduced orders for the A220 Jet and canceled two more in June.

Report by Tim Hepher Additional report by Diana Mandia Edited by GV De Clercq, Diane Craft, David Goodman.


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