Aliens can lead to the third world war, America had captured nuclear weapons!

Aliens tampered with weapons

Former US Air Drive officer Robert Salas was current at Malmstrom Air Drive Base in Montana on March 24, 1967. At the moment he was the on-duty commander of an underground launch management facility there. He claimed that the ten intercontinental ballistic missiles below his management had been deactivated. Salas claimed that the identical factor occurred 8 days in the past i.e. on 16 March 1967 and missiles of one other Missile Launch Management Facility had stopped working.

'UFOs also deactivate weapon systems at nuclear sites'

‘UFOs additionally deactivate weapon techniques at nuclear websites’

Robert Salas claims that UFOs additionally deactivate weapon techniques at nuclear targets after which launch missiles. Nonetheless, the launch was placed on maintain as quickly because the counting began. After this incident, all of the navy personnel had assumed that this work was of aliens. Aliens tampered with weapons and switched off nuclear weapons and began some missiles. They declare that aliens may have precipitated the Third World Struggle on this approach.

Will make disclosures related to this soon

Will make disclosures associated to this quickly

In keeping with the previous official, simply eight days earlier than this i.e. on March 16, 1967, an identical incident occurred with one other missile launch system. Now 4 US Air Drive officers together with Salas have determined to carry a press convention during which they’ll reveal the entire matter associated to aliens and current some intelligence paperwork of the federal government to the media.

Aliens are responsible for many incidents in recent decades

Aliens are liable for many incidents in latest a long time

All 4 officers declare that aliens are liable for many incidents in latest a long time. Wherein the weapon techniques had been tampered with, leaving them inactive for a while. By means of this, they wish to draw the eye of the US Parliament to this matter in order that they take the matter of tampering with weapons by aliens severely and get it investigated.

VIDEO: '100 percent proof that aliens are watching us', UFO-like thing seen in the sky for two daysVIDEO: ‘100% proof that aliens are watching us’, UFO-like factor seen within the sky for 2 days

Robert Merrick was a Weapon Controller in the Air Force

Robert Merrick was a Weapon Controller within the Air Drive

Robert Salas served as a Weapon Controller within the US Air Drive. He has additionally commanded Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles as a launch officer. Robert Salas additionally served because the Air Drive’s Missile Propulsion Engineer within the Titan-3 program, America’s most superior and damaging nuclear missile. From 1971 to 1973 he additionally served as a reliability engineer for Martin-Marita Aerospace and Rockwell Worldwide on House Shuttle design proposals.

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