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Americans can now travel to Greece. Here’s how to make it smooth: – News

My first night A few weeks ago on Mykonos, there were still windmills on the white hillside overlooking the harbor, but just being on the island gave me all the fresh air I wanted. I was sitting on the stone steps of a seaside bar sipping Sundowner with a friend who had just arrived from New York City. I felt dazzled, even though I sometimes questioned the abandonment of more than a year of in-depth safety measures.

After being blocked for 15 consecutive months in France, where I live, I saw wandering around the Greek beaches for weeks as a surefire cure for disturbed dromomania. As soon as the country was reopened by foreign tourists in mid-May, I was ready for a raid. I wasn’t the only one looking forward to my vacation in Greece. In May, 383,000 foreign tourists visited, and in June it was expected to double that number. But I didn’t want to make a quick decision before booking the ticket. It was safe and responsible to visit Greece when the pandemic was sedating in Europe and the United States as more people were vaccinated, but obviously it’s not over yet?

Before booking the trip, I did a little research. As of June 1, 34% of Greece’s population of 10.5 million had been vaccinated once. (As of early July, about 38% of the population was fully vaccinated, compared to about 48% of the U.S. population.) The government’s vaccination program is in addition to the elderly, the country. Prioritized the inhabitants of the national islands to rush to start their deadlocked tourism. industry. Foreign tourists must be vaccinated within 72 hours or prove that the Covid test is negative. In either case, you will be randomly inspected at the airport or ferry terminal. (The CDC lists Greece as a Level 3 “high” risk destination from a Covid perspective and encourages all travelers to be vaccinated before their visit.) The new protocol is not absolutely certain. However, they provided a good guarantee for the 9-day booking. June trip. But despite being completely vaccinated, I wasn’t ready to confront the hordes of travelers. In fact, I never did, especially this year. So I devised an island tour where you can check out some new hotels. It is quite far from the tourist spot. Some were too expensive for my budget, so instead of booking a room, I visited the property and ate at their restaurant.

Before the pandemic, the number of tourists to Greece was steadily increasing. In 2019, the country counted a record 34 million arrivals. To meet ever-increasing demand, there are numerous new hotels in the pipeline, many opened just before Covid’s hit or in the midst of a pandemic. I focused on four new properties scattered around the Cyclades and one in Athens. Comfortably away from the popular attractions, they all seemed like an ideal place for hesitant travelers like me to stand on their toes and return to the world. Each fulfilled its promise, except for a few issues along the way.

Mellow Mikonos

I have traveled to Greece many times from my home in Paris, but have never been to Mykonos and wrote it down as a suitable island for party spectators. The party is still much smaller than usual, but as a friend I sampled the infectious cheerful mood that first night and sat at a waterfront bar in the Little Venice district of Mykonos Town. About 30 other patrons, who speak at least 12 different languages, surrounded us. The Aegean Sea spilled over 30 pairs of expensive shoes and sandals as a big wave hit the bar’s paved terrace. The crowd laughed together as they recorded their suddenly soaked feet. It was like a signal to order another drink.

Americans can now travel to Greece. Here’s how to make it smooth:

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