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Andrea Bordeaux, Ella & Anderson’s Future – Hollywood Life – News

Andrea Bordeaux talked about Hollywood Life and the “Run the World” finale, why Ella and Anderson need to “approve” and “handle” their baggage.

When Ella and Anderson returned to town, they couldn’t resist each other, but their past still has an incredible impact on their future. Can these two have a lasting relationship?by Run the world Star Andrea Bordeaux, Anderson and Ella need to process their luggage before moving forward.

“I don’t think we really saw Anderson and Ella really hashing it and coming to the moment of Jesus about what happened between them,” Andrea said. Hollywood Life Exclusively. “I understood it a bit in Episode 3, but of course they’re back in the old habits again. Personally, I would have done a bit of work before giving up on the product, but here it is. Anderson and Ella really If you decide to recommit to each other, you need to resolve both, especially because the baggage is still in Ella’s mind. Many people are abandoned or left behind. I think it has to do with the fear of doing. If you experience it, it needs to be healed. The only way to heal is to really see it, acknowledge it, and work on it. I hope Anderson and Ella really heal the wound and it will be explored, because the wound was still going on, whether he felt justified or Ella felt justified. It definitely needs to be healed so that the luggage can move forward together without being dragged back. “

Anderson and Ella talk about “Run the World.” (STARZ)

In the penultimate episode, Ella kicked Anderson out after Anderson ruined his job. She didn’t want to hear it, but Andrea doesn’t think Anderson was wrong. She made fun of the finale continuing the conversation.

“I think we have a little chance in the finale episode,” continued Andrea. “It’s like someone you really love, and someone who has an opinion that’s important to you, sheds light on the actions you’re expressing or mirrors your career decisions. When I say, it’s very difficult. I really think that’s what I saw with Anderson and Ella in this last episode. He’s probably seeing what Ella didn’t see for herself, And if she’s looking at them, she’s ignoring them because she hasn’t made any decisions from the grounds or places of confidence. The transition between Anderson and Ella and where the conversation continues to flow. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he’s doing, because he’s not necessarily wrong, and that’s one of the reasons Ella was so triggered by it. I think. When people say what they think is wrong about themselves, we aren’t really triggered because it’s usually the harsh truth that we really get angry with. , Ella now needs to decide how to get this information placed in front of her face and turn herself. She is wise enough to accept the advice given to her. Will it be? That’s what Ella and Anderson see in Episode 8. Going after the finale, the possibilities are really endless. But I’m deeper with Anderson and Ella from a creative point of view. I’m very interested in exploring relationships, especially because Ella isn’t 100% yet and she loves a little self-destruction. How these trends manifest themselves in a strong relationship I wonder.”

After a career setback, Ella is recovering and is about to begin the next chapter in her career. “She has some awareness of the path she is walking on and how her self-confidence is swaying,” Andrea revealed. “I realized that all of them she believed in about herself before the career setback she experienced were still very true to her. When you experience a really difficult experience, you You may forget all of them that make you beautiful, special, talented and unique. Ella is who she really is, what her talent is, and how she grows it. I think I was waiting for some great memories of what I could do. At the finale something small might happen that allows her to explore it, and where she ends up at the end of it It’s up to the viewer to get the chance to see it unfold. “

Women in “Run the World”. (STARZ)

Andrea All charactersBut things remain unlimited as well. “I think it really reflects the endless possibilities that life can bring to you when you’re on a particular path,” said the actress. “There are several solutions, but then there are solutions that leave you wondering where. Each woman After this, I think it’s really wide open, but they all have interesting, unique and dynamic life experiences, so I’m really looking forward to seeing all of their journey. “

If Run the world Andrea was set to enter the second season, so exploring the backstory of Ella and Anderson, Ella wants to return “in her element” as a writer. “We saw her doing celebrity journalism paying for her, but we realized that if she wanted to write a book, that wasn’t really what she wanted to do. “I have,” said Andrea. Hollywood Life.. “Since she sees herself as a writer above all else, how do she perceive all the bumps she has experienced in the last two years, enhance herself, expand herself and upgrade herself? I’d like to see how it transforms. I’m starting to regain her confidence in her writing and in that sense. I think it’s great to see and explore it. “



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