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Antiviral drugs that have been shown to save the lives of hospitalized covid-19 patients – News n7t



Healthcare workers accompany covid-19 people in the Airdrie Intensive Care Unit, UK

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People who get seriously ill COVID-19 Researchers said the first antiviral drugs that were shown to save the lives of inpatients could provide a new lifeline.

Medicine, a combination of the two antibody Developed by Regeneron, it reduces the risk of death when given to people with severe covid-19 who did not initiate their own natural antibody response.

May need to be taken by these patients Ventilator The length of hospital stay has also been shortened.

A recovery study from September 18, 2020 to May 22, 2021 will ensure that 9785 patients admitted with covid-19 in the United Kingdom receive conventional care plus antibody therapy or only regular care. Randomly assigned.

About one-third of these are seronegative, which in itself means no natural antibody response, and half are seropositive, meaning that they have already developed a natural antibody against the virus. To do. For one-sixth of the people involved in the study, their antibody status was unknown.

For patients who received only routine care, the mortality rate within 28 days of admission to the study was 30% for patients without antibody response, compared to 15% for patients who were seropositive at the start of the study. ..

For patients who did not respond to the antibody, this treatment reduced their chances of dying within 28 days by a factor of 5 compared to regular care alone.

For every 100 such patients treated with the antibody combination, there are 6 fewer deaths, according to researchers.

“This is, in a sense, the first,” said Martin Landray, a co-principal researcher at the University of Oxford. “This is an antiviral treatment that will be used later. These patients were hospitalized because they were severely ill. They have a clear impact on survival and other outcomes.

“This is an important result, as these patients are by themselves one of the most ill patients. Here are treatments that have never been seen before.”

Among the treated seronegative patients, the length of hospital stay was 4 days shorter than in the normal care group, and a large proportion of patients were discharged by the 28th day.

Treatment was no different for patients who had initiated their own antibody response by the time the study began.

“These results are very exciting,” said Peter Horby, another researcher at the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Oxford University. “hope is, Sars-CoV-2 virus, It will reduce the worst symptoms of covid-19. However, there was great uncertainty about the value of antiviral therapy in late-stage covid-19 disease.

“It’s great to know that even with advanced covid-19 disease, targeting the virus can reduce the mortality rate of patients who fail to initiate their own antibody response.”

Researchers say they don’t know when the treatment will be approved for use in the United Kingdom. Getting the drug is not particularly easy and is unlikely to be deployed immediately as it is needed by the patient. Antibody test On admission to hospital – not currently in place.

The study will be published as a preprint medRxiv Not yet peer reviewed.

In this treatment, two monoclonal antibodies (casilibimab and imdebimab, known in the United States as REGEN-COV) that specifically bind to two different sites of the coronavirus peplomer and neutralize the ability of the virus to infect cells. Use the combination of).

Previous studies of people in the community have shown that treatment reduces viral load, reduces time to resolution, and significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization or death.

Stephen Powis, National Health Director of NHS England, said: Innovations for patients that the NHS has played a role during the pandemic.

“The study also suggested that the same treatment might help similar patients in the area avoid going to the hospital in the first place. It was yesterday, Simon Stevens, chief executive officer of the medical services. That’s why Sir Su asked the NHS to quickly establish a new monoclonal antibody service. With the help of regulators, we are ready to offer these drugs. “

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Antiviral drugs that have been shown to save the lives of hospitalized covid-19 patients

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