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Are we still in the Metaverse? – News

“The fact that we are surrounded by a global layer that always exists,” said Teheranian, referring to the Ethereum blockchain: “Is there no central party to decide if something is available?” Said. He said it was an antidote to the digital world in which we already live. He describes it as “there is a dictator” (Apple, Google, Facebook), similar to the Metaverse.

His Metaverse sticks to a particular definition of freedom. “What I really care about is that you are yours as an individual,” he said. “Ownership of property is a tool. It can provide financial incentives.”

This may sound more like a dystopia than a utopia, depending on the direction of your idealism. For Tefranian, it’s just a reality.

“We are still talking about greedy and selfish humanity,” he said.

Indeed, many see the Metaverse as an economic opportunity. Mike Winkelmann — also known as Beeple, Selling his artwork NFT for $ 69 million — Is working on a start-up company called Wenew. It sells related NFTs at one moment and creates the “Palace of Memories of the Metaverse” in the company’s language. (The early offer includes a moment from the career of tennis star Andy Murray.)

Despite his interest in Metaverse’s crypto-oriented vision, Winkelman’s sense of what it is, or what it already has, remains broad. Whatever the Metaverse, it’s not just virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain and NFTs, or virtual worlds and games.

“People see it very much as this’Ready Player One”s, or VR’s,” he said.

“That’s how close the screen is to your face,” he continued, holding his phone over his eyes. “This does not change the fact that many of these are happening in spaces that are already virtualized.”

Are we still in the Metaverse?

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