Are You Over-hydrated? Viral Video Reveals Why Excess Water May Harm You

The significance of staying hydrated has been emphasised a number of instances over time. The advantages of consuming water have been repeated since instances immemorial. However similar to each different ingredient of the eating regimen, extra hydration too may be dangerous. As of late, a number of fad diets suggest ingesting 3 litres of water per day or extra. Nevertheless, similar to dehydration, overhydration also can trigger critical implications on well being. Nutritionist Renu Rakheja, who goes by the deal with @consciouslivingtips, explains this phenomenon in her newest Instagram Reels video. She said what further consumption of water leads us to, and the video has obtained over 3.3 million views. Rakheja wrote within the caption, “Overhydration can result in falling electrolyte ranges, which may trigger complications and muscle weak spot.” Electrolytes embody potassium, sodium, and magnesium. They’re instrumental within the wholesome functioning of the center and kidneys. 

What occurs if you devour more water? It’d have an effect on the amount of the electrolytes in your physique. This can even in flip affect the functioning of the center and kidneys. Rakheja additional stated, “Consuming an excessive amount of water day by day causes your cells to develop into oversaturated with water as they attempt to re-balance your water-mineral ratio.” Rakheja additionally talked about different points confronted as a result of overhydration together with mind fog, weight acquire, and complications.

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A lot of her social media followers attested to the truth that overhydration certainly has repulsive implications. A remark learn, “Very good…Lastly, somebody stated what I believed with expertise all this whereas.” 

One other, who skilled the disadvantage of ingesting greater than sufficient litres of water per day, commented, “Sure, a very long time again, I went by means of this type of weakness. Was advised by my physician to drink much less water. I used to be having greater than 4 litres of water day by day.” 

An individual known as it an “eye-opener” and stated, “One thing usually neglected and never a lot talked about.”

Rakheja additionally gave a number of tricks to regulate the water consumption within the submit. She really helpful ingesting water solely if you find yourself thirsty. Different instances, you may get hydrated by means of the consumption of watermelon or spinach or any comparable greens. She additionally identified that liquids like coconut water, tea, espresso, juice too contribute in direction of a good quantity of hydration. Whereas Rakheja is affirmative about ingesting 1.5 litres of water personally, she requested us to be conscious of the climate.

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