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Athleta gives back to mom athletes at Allyson Felix – News

Gap owned brand Athleta On Thursday, it announced that it would work with Allyson Felix and the Women’s Sports Foundation to launch its first $ 200,000 grant program to support the cost of raising children for professional mom athletes going to competitions.

Allyson Felix and her daughter, Kamlin. -Athleta

The first cohort of grant recipients, called “The Power of She Fund: Child Care Grants,” includes nine athletes, six of whom head to Tokyo. In addition to the $ 10,000 you receive for parenting, recipients will also attend a WSF-sponsored roundtable conference. Two like-minded advocacy partners & Mother and the National Women’s Justice Center will bring about long-term and systematic change. The entire industry.

“As a mom and athlete, I know directly about the obstacles women face in sports,” said Felix, a six-time Olympic gold medalist and three-time world champion.

“What was important to me and the athlete was that our partnership reflected that I was not just an athlete. In fact, part of my contract was that my daughter Kamlin competed with me. It includes provisions to join me whenever I am. These grants tell the industry that all mom athletes need this same comprehensive support to participate in the movement. It is intended to show. “

Felix has been open about her trial as a mother and athlete since May 2019, when she wrote a New York Times editorial announcing the end of her partnership with Nike. The most shocking thing was why she left. It was the injustice of a pregnant athlete she witnessed directly.

Felix has partnered with Athleta as a sponsor since July 2019. Now ahead of Tokyo OlympicFrom visibility to resources and investment, another light is shed on men’s and women’s sports inequality.

Next, The Power of She Fund announced the next recipient group in October, open to any mom athlete who needs support for childcare costs.

“Our vision at the Women’s Sports Foundation is to unleash the potential of all girls and women through the power of sports and athletics,” said Deborah Antoine, CEO of WSF.

“Childcare costs are one of the biggest challenges faced by mom athletes who want to stay in the game while raising their families. These grants keep these powerful and exciting women competing at their best. Helps to provide financial relief so that they can level their sport. “

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Athleta gives back to mom athletes at Allyson Felix

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