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Biden urges Putin to “take action” against ransomware hackers – News

U.S. President Joe Biden told Russian leader Vladimir Putin in the first telephone conversation between two world leaders since his first meeting in Geneva last month. He called on the hackers behind the hack to “take action.”

A White House statement on Friday said Biden and Putin had spoken on the phone “on an ongoing ransomware attack by Russia-based criminals that affected the United States and other countries around the world.”

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said the call lasted “about an hour.”

The White House statement emphasized that “President Biden needs to take action to disrupt the ransomware group operating in Russia, and continues to threaten the wider threat posed by ransomware. He emphasized his commitment to involvement. ”

The White House said Biden “in the face of this ongoing challenge, the United States has repeatedly taken the necessary actions to protect its people and their critical infrastructure.”

This statement follows this year’s bold and devastating attacks, including the United States. Colonial pipelineWas forced to close temporarily, JBS, The world’s largest meat processor.

On weekends, the hacking cartel Global ransomware spree Targeting the IT supply chain, it attacked about 1,500 companies and closed 800 grocery stores in Coop, Sweden, after cashiers failed.

All three are believed to have been carried out by a Russian-based Russian-speaking ransomware gang. Some U.S. cybersecurity experts accuse Moscow of containing ransomware criminals, avoid prosecuting them for understanding that they will not attack Russian companies, and reduce stolen data and profits Will be handed over when requested.

Biden and Putin met Face to face The first time in Geneva last month since Biden became president. Biden tells his Russian counterpart “CatastrophicImpact of opposition activists on the Kremlin Alexei Navalny I was supposed to die in jail.

Biden told reporters after the June meeting that he had given Putin a list of “specific critical infrastructures.” [that] No trespassing from cyber attacks, detailing 16 entities. “

Biden urges Putin to “take action” against ransomware hackers

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