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“Black Widow” vs. “Loki”: How Marvel Saves Movie Actions – News

From high-damage tracking in Budapest to free-fall combat scenes, all the spectacles of the new movie Black Widow are Marvel Studios’ attempts to make more theater money for paying customers.

But on smaller screens, Disney-owned companies have become more detailed, dedicating a multipart series to lesser-known characters, making an amazing style leap. This means digging deeper into superhero psychology and talking more about Marvel’s three streaming shows, which premiered in January. “Wandavision”“Falcon and the Winter Soldier” And “Loki.”

“Black Widow” is the first theater release in the studio since the release of these series, and it’s been two years since the delay due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, the influence of the film as a whole has been questioned, especially as more studios drop releases simultaneously on streaming platforms and multiplex. Even “Black Widow” premiered at the same time on Disney + (At an additional charge of $ 30).

One way to measure movie and television contrast, and Marvel’s strategy for fixing fans in two fronts, is to use a stopwatch. The Wall Street Journal calculated the screen time spent on “Black Widow” actions and the amount of actions in the three Disney + series. The tally included intense bursts that lasted longer than a few seconds (when something exploded, when someone flew), but in some scenes a call for judgment was needed (floating kitchen utensils). Excluded the “WandaVision” sequence provided).

“Black Widow” vs. “Loki”: How Marvel Saves Movie Actions

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