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Blood clot symptoms: The marking on your leg that could signal deep vein thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis largely occurs within the decrease leg and thigh, and virtually all the time on one aspect of the physique at a time. So what indicators do you have to be careful for?

Nevertheless, when clots don’t dissolve naturally, they limit regular blood stream to the center, turning right into a critical medical situation.

Sadly, pulmonary embolism could be deadly.

They will trigger respiration points. For instance, could also be the reason for an unexplained shortness of breath or for fast respiration.

They could additionally trigger chest ache anyplace underneath the rib cage, which can worsen with deep respiration.


A pulmonary embolism could cause an elevated and quick coronary heart fee in addition to inflicting mild headedness or making somebody cross out.

There are a number of methods to diagnose them, in case you are involved about indicators.

You probably have signs of deep vein thrombosis, the NHS advocate that you just ebook an pressing GP appointment or dial 111.

In case you are breathless and expertise chest ache, it is very important dial 999 right away.

You usually tend to expertise a deep vein thrombosis in case you are obese, take the contraceptive tablet or HRT or have varicose veins.

There are additionally some momentary conditions if you’re at extra danger.

These are conditions akin to in case you are confined to mattress, or in case you are pregnant or when you’ve got had a child within the earlier six weeks.

In some cases, it may occur for no apparent motive.

To forestall blood clots you shouldn’t sit it nonetheless for lengthy intervals of time.

If a health care provider thinks you may have DVT, you have to be referred to the hospital inside 24 hours for an ultrasound scan.

The scan exhibits whether or not blood is flowing usually by the vein.

You may additionally have an X-ray of the vein. For this, you may be injected with a dye to indicate the place the blood clot is.

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