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What has America not heard but?

In 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. supported that America literally exists as two Americas. In two American depictions, Dr. King talked about one America where the land was flooded with “milk of prosperity and honey of opportunity.” King begged the blacks to imagine experiencing an undisturbed pursuit of happiness.

But that idyllic America was not the word of the American king who lived in blacks. He issued this statement just four years after standing on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963, eloquently talking about his dream of straightening the rough spots of black life and predominantly personality rather than color. I did. King has passed away. He assassinated a more just longing for America, and what was America inaudible?

According to King, the “other” America in which the blacks lived was the United States, which was relentlessly struggling for “genuine equality.” King knew that racism was alive, despite some progress, and that he could live in the deep gaps of one’s heart for years.

If you close your eyes and hear his words from 1967, you will believe that he is a complete picture of the status quo of our country. In a prophetic voice, King tells us: “The whirlwind of rebellion will continue to shake the foundations of our country until the bright day of justice emerges.

These words, spoken 45 years ago, will remind Americans of the hearing impaired that today’s black Americans really valued their lives.

King warned of the dangers of some races, who believe that only they are responsible for all progress, while other minorities are “completely corrupt, inherently impure, and inferior.” .. He knew that such a belief would almost certainly end up in public unrest.

He saw the destruction and pain caused by this false idea. King saw it ignite the movement when Rosa Parks refused to give up his seat to a white man on a public bus. King will lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott and will hear the Supreme Court say that the separation of public buses is unconstitutional.

Driven by the success of the campaign, King became one of the founders of the Southern Christian Guidance Council (SCLC), an organization that acts as the backbone of the civil rights movement. Under his leadership, the country will see the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Against the backdrop of these successes, King begs those who fight for equality to face the reality that many still have the belief that blacks are inferior and do not belong to their country of birth. Did. These beliefs were retained not only by those who spit out the words of the vitreous in our way, but also by those who publicly supported the idea of ​​equality, but other Americans became their neighbors. Drink from the same fountain, and sit wherever you like.

According to King, racism, if left unchecked, ultimately leads to the logical goal of genocide. The country witnessed the inhumane and crazy treatment of blacks during the 1963 Birmingham campaign as police chief Bull Connor used high-pressure water jets and dogs as weapons of attack on unarmed black men, women and children.

Why does America constantly reject the basic equality and humane treatment of all? Despite these acts, King never deviated from his belief that violence was not the answer we sought. Inspired by non-violent activity, he believed that riots and protests would continue if the living conditions of black Americans persisted in “daily ugliness.”

King is more educated and has more financial resources than those who marched with him, but never lived to see the ongoing struggle that blacks still face today. did. The United States prefers to take a positive step, so it can’t take a backward step at the same time, but it won’t surprise him, but a young black man could go jogging and hunt like an animal. Disappoints that there is. A black man fought for his life simply because of his skin color, or because a white policeman vowed to protect him, because a black man could die on the public road, but his Life was considered worthless. So he put his knees on his neck and sniffed out his black life.

Dr. King expected that after these injustices, thousands of people would go out into the streets and cry. King will first tell us that social justice and progress are the only “absolute guarantors of riot prevention.”

Forget his hope that America will be better when America celebrates Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Time magazine’s first Blackman of the Year, and beloved minister, husband, father, brother, and son Dr. King. Must not be.

He refused to give in to despair. “Time is always right to do the right thing,” he said. If only America believed that “there is no separate path to fulfillment.” Dr. King challenged us to stand up to “the magnificent height of being obedient to the unenforced,” that is, the changing minds of the people.

Was that what America didn’t hear at the time and now? Dr. King said, “The law can’t make people love me, but it can limit me from lynching. We can’t legislate the mind, but restrain the ruthless. Can be done. “

Martin Luther King, Jr. – The Other America 2.0 – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Martin Luther King, Jr. – The Other America 2.0 – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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