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This is a rethinking and rereading of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life, work, and heritage, another attempt to extract from the lasting relevance of his insights and experiences, thereby making us our lives. Can live better. Work and bet our justice and relentless struggle for good in the world.

It is a reaffirmation of the teaching of our prestigious ancestors that “doing something of value is eternal.” The person sought by his work will not die. Because his name and work are raised for it. And it’s with Nana Martin Luther King, Jr.

In these critical times, where the pressing problem of mapping and nevertheless moving forward is unavoidable, Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic speech, “Where are we going from here?” A great starting point.

Given in 1967 at the height of the Black Power era of the Black Freedom Movement, it reflects the tenor and tensions of the era, the rebellion of youth justice, and the year our year was designated as the “Year of Simbawachanga”. increase. Our Young Lions Year, and others, also engaged in a fundamental and revolutionary resistance to the established order.

This is his last speech as SCLC president, and some make his most radical claims. He not only defends the integrity, dignity and ultimate value of blacks, but also casts doubt on the structure and function of American society itself, a fundamental critique of its capitalist, racist and military character. And seeking change. He also wrote a book with the same title.

In his speech, Dr. King knows where to go from here in today’s difficult times, icy climates, and the cruel and mean spaces we live in and struggle with. It states that it is necessary. First, be honest about where we are now.

He claims that: [the Black person] I have half of white people. Next, King is now called the “gap” in housing, income, employment, infant mortality, education, educational support, college admission, and other areas that put us at a disadvantage, disability, and often motivation. Quote a list of things. And he concludes: [Black person] I have a double share. “

“This is where we are,” he says in various ways in this “system that is still oppressing us.” And only through a righteous and relentless struggle can Malcolm end what he called our nightmare and rethink and achieve what King called our longing dream.

So the question is where we are going from here, what we should do, how we plan and move forward in the fight for liberation, justice and other commodities in this country and the world. ..

The first step King tells us is Reaffirming our identity, dignity and values ​​as people.. Thus, Dr. King said: We must no longer be ashamed of being black, “but accept it in all historical, ethical, spiritual, cultural and aesthetic senses.

King talks about the language and treatment to make blacks worse, deny their contributions, and deprive them of their personality and personality. He said it was “cultural murder,” that is, “as old as the earliest history books and as modern as the morning edition,” and the process and practice of cultural murder of blacks and people that had to be resisted. say.

In this ugly and ill-mannered face of deculturalization and dehumanization, blacks must resist and achieve “psychological freedom.” It’s second to none, and certainly not so sacred.

Therefore, King must say, “Yes, we stand up and say,’I am black and I am beautiful.’ This self-affirmation was enforced by white crimes against whites (they). The need for blacks (people). “And he said that this cultural basis and self-affirmation are essential,” waiting for any movement for freedom (of blacks) to overlook this need to be buried. I’m just there. “

Second, Dr. King states, “Another fundamental challenge is to discover how to organize our power in terms of economic and political power.” Lack of power. “

Being careful to define power in a positive and compelling way in the age of black power, King is timid, threatening that “correctly understood power is nothing but the ability to achieve his goals,” Black Freedom. Capacity is an ethical goal in the context of the movement.

“The power needed to bring about social, political and economic change” towards world freedom, justice and other good. Here King participates in and builds organizations and institutions, structures that house our desires and advance our interests as people, and integrate these structures into our destiny and everyday life. He talks about the need for a comprehensive movement for freedom, justice, justice and power.

Dr. King knows that if we insist on respecting a person’s humanity and dignity, we must be worried that they are living a dignified life that respects this dignity. increase. Therefore, he is also in a situation where “individual dignity thrives” and people can improve and advance their lives in a positive and productive way, for our economic security. Emphasize the need to fight.

In this regard, he guarantees and completes his annual income for economic security and as a protection against “market turmoil,” “infestation of discrimination,” and “continuous or frequent unemployment against our will.” Claiming employment. He also advocates “a new form of work that enhances social benefits.”

Dr. King does not discuss political power here, but in his book he states:Where to go from here: community or chaos, “Develops his idea of ​​this. He rejects the funded program as power and our hard-working work of “organizing our power into a compelling power so that the government cannot escape our demands” I am seeking.

This reminds us that we need not only our own organizations and movements, but also coalitions and alliances with other oppressed, progressive and struggling people.

Finally, King, who urged us to avoid hatred and violence, in all our efforts and struggles, ultimately “the fact that the movement needs to tackle the problem of rebuilding American society as a whole. We must be honest with you. “

The existence of millions of poverty in the midst of such wealth, the unfair distribution of wealth, the monopoly of resources, and the cold calculation of capitalism that prioritizes profits over human life and world well-being. Must be thrown.

Moreover, we must face not only capitalism, but also the other two “interrelated evils”, racism and militarism. Because, “When I say I ask the whole society, it means that I will eventually see the problem of racism, the problem of economic exploitation, and the problem of war all tied together. “

He concludes that he is motivated by his commitment to freedom, his love for justice, and the development of “God’s dissatisfaction” until he wins victory, calling us into battle. It is inconvenience, injustice, compassionate, high and low falsehood, poverty, economic instability, political non-participation and helplessness, enthusiasm, police violence and racism in God’s dissatisfaction and victory. ..

He confesses that “the road ahead will not always be smooth.” There are rocks, twists and turns, frustration and malaise, frustrations, shattered dreams and heartaches.

But no matter how difficult and painful the struggle may be, as reflected in the Black National Anthem, we respect the sacrifices of the former people and the demands of our history and “have a bold faith in the future.” We must keep moving forward. Then he realizes that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Dr. Maurana Kareng, Professor and Chairman of African State University Long Beach African Studies. Managing Director of the African American Cultural Center (USA).Creator of KwanzaaAnd the authorKwanzaa: Family, community and cultural celebrations. “Kwanzaa’s message and meaning: Bringing good things to the world” When “Struggle Essay: Position and Analysis, “Www.AfricanAmericanCulturalCenter-LA.org; www.OfficialKwanzaaWebsite.org; www.MaulanaKarenga.org.

Rereading King in Critical Times: Mapping and Making Our Way Forward – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Rereading King in Critical Occasions: Mapping and Making Our Way Forward – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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