Campers’ tips for setting up in the rain and the ‘very last thing’ you must do

Tenting will be an all-weather exercise, particularly if campers are ready. Britons haven’t packed up their tents for the yr and are braving the rain this autumn.

Christine Routley had a system: “Get a superb set of waterproofs, make sure that the tent is the very last thing that will get packed so you may get it out first.

“Park automotive as near tent as attainable.

“Have a towel and dry set of garments to placed on when you’re achieved.”

Phil Moore mentioned: “Pack automotive so as you want every part.”

For organising, tarp was discovered to be useful.


Andrew Buss mentioned: “The very last thing I pack into the automotive is a tarp. I take advantage of it to place every part on high that must be out the best way to get the tent out then fold it over the package to maintain the rain off.”

Kevin Wesley mentioned: “Placing up within the rain I take advantage of a tarp.

“Put tarp up first then erect the tent after which depart the tarp up till I transfer on.”

Andy Thompson wrote: “I bought a 5×5 DD tarp. Covers my tent spot on. Tent stays dry and I grasp tarp up once I get house.”

George Inalianable mentioned: “Peg your carpet down first. Put awning on carpet and go from there.”

Kevin Pike mentioned: “I peg a number of corners to forestall blowing away and being like Mary Poppins, thread poles in, then regularly erect. You must have the ability to work inside as soon as outer half is up.”

Britons additionally had ideas for packing up within the rain.

Theresa Porter mentioned: “Do not put your tent away when it is raining. Wait till the solar comes out earlier than you fold it up or once you get house grasp on the road.”

And Max Terri Brown wrote: “Pull automotive as near tent as you’ll be able to and put stuff in. Attempt to watch for a break or simply fold nearly as good as you’ll be able to and dry once you get house.

“It’s not enjoyable placing tents down within the rain however you simply must go for it.”

Ideas additionally got here in for what to put on when organising within the rain.

Della Williams had a warning: “Dry garments on entrance seat together with the automotive keys. I’ve packed them away within the tent earlier than. Get modified the very very last thing!”

Dominic Winterburn mentioned: “Tee shirt and shorts and flip flops. Pores and skin’s waterproof. You may get the tent up with minimal garments getting moist.”

And Sally Grover agreed: “Shorts, t shirt, a water-resistant and flip flops. Pores and skin is simple to dry with a towel- moist sneakers and trousers are simply depressing.”

Richard Mckelvey had a helpful tip: “I put on a poncho if it rains which covers my backpack then once I bought to arrange my tent I simply tie the 4 corners and have a pleasant dry space to pitch below.”

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