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Can Generation Z free the world from email? – News

2017, Studies found The average inbox had 199 unread emails. And here, about 16 months after the remote work of many white-collar employees, the inbox is getting bigger and bigger.

However, young workers who have been disproportionately hit by pandemic instability appear to be reassessing their professional priorities. And perhaps they will really be able to do what Millennial elder Newport couldn’t do at the age of 39.

23-year-old Harrison Stevens started a second-hand clothing company while attending the University of Oregon, and after graduating in 2020, opened a physical store. He begins giving clients his personal number and sends them a text message or calls him. It helps reduce the load, but it introduces the new problem of lack of a clear work-life balance.

“It’s like people’s social unrest,” Stevens said. “I think many people find it easier and more convenient to send text than to compose an email. It feels like other eyes are visible. For example, I’m very specialized in this setting. You have to make sure it’s on target and everything is perfect, “he says. From a computer keyboard.

For some people, adding text messages complicates communication and introduces multiple ways in which you can expect to reach someone.

Aurora Biggers, a 22-year-old journalist who recently graduated from George Fox University, said she had previously given her personal number but received so many texts that she was infringing on her personal time. .. She believes her generation is less likely to use email as her primary means of communication. She likes the work-home boundaries that email provides, but what she finds most difficult is that there is more than one standard form of communication. In that case, the main problem with email is not necessarily too much email, but too much competition.

“It’s impossible to expect email to be the main form of communication, as so many people aren’t working in the office or are sitting in the office where they receive email notifications,” she said. Told. “I don’t think it’s the best way to expect people to communicate with you.”

Can Generation Z free the world from email?

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