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Climate activists let down tyres of 40 SUVs in ‘rich London neighbourhood’

About 40 SUV drivers woke up to flat tyres on Friday after climate activists let them down.

The latest form of anti-SUV activism took place across Dulwich, with seven streets targeted.

Climate action groupLast Gasp have claimed they were responsible for deflating the tyres in the “rich London neighbourhood”, using mung beans inserted into tyre valves.

The group said this was to deflate the tyres without damaging the vehicle.

They targeted Court Lane, Court Lane Gardens, Druce Road, Eynella Road, Woowarde Road, Dovercourt Road and Eastlands Crescent.

The group also placed parking-style fines on the cars’ windscreens explaining their action.

Parking fine style leaflet left on SUVs with tyres deflated

It is the latest in a string of similar actions taken by climate action groups Tyre Exinguishers, Last Gasp, and Tyred of SUVs, who have collectively targeted more than 2,000 SUVs across the UK.

The group said it was driven to action by the statistic that if 4×4 drivers were a nation, they’d be the 6th biggest polluters on the planet, according to the Paris-based International Energy Agency.

Additionally, the group said City Hall’s research of air pollution, which found pollution caused up to 4,100 deaths in 2019 in Greater London, was a driver for their action.

A spokesman for Last Gasp said: “We have a responsibility both to ourselves and the people of the world to stop the climate crisis.

“The SUVs that fill our children’s lungs with toxic chemicals are also fuelling the onslaught of flooding, drought, starvation, and war that the world is facing under climate collapse.

“Thousands of people die in the UK every year because of air pollution, and millions more around the world will die if we allow the natural world to break down.

“This is about fairness. The richest 10 per cent of people – many living here in London – produce nearly half of the global emissions that will bring this crisis to the UK. It’s time to take responsibility.

“We have the solutions to this crisis. Many of those will come when we force our governments to act. But some will begin from people thinking of their future and others, and making the right choice. Rejecting the planet-poisoning of luxury SUVs is one such choice. Last Gasp will be there if they do not.”

Neighbourhood group The Dulwich Society took to Twitter to voice a response, which said: “Several cars were vandalised in Dulwich last night with tyres deflated and this poster left on windscreens. We are environmentally friendly but this is not who we are as a community.”


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