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Colombian suspect in Haiti’s murder is a veteran – News

The majority of suspects involved Assassination of President Haiti According to the Colombian government, a former Colombian officer and soldier, he was an experienced fighter employed by four security companies to work on the island.

Haitian officials say security forces have detained 18 Colombian citizens and two Haitian Americans. Hunted down the murder suspect A photo of President Jovenel Moise, a high-class suburb on a hillside, who lived with his wife Martine Moyes. Authorities acknowledged the work of ordinary Haitians for helping to round up some of the suspects.

In Bogotá, Colombian police chief General Jorge Luis Vargas said on Friday that at least 13 suspects were in Colombian troops, including two men who claimed that Haiti’s interim government had been killed in a gun battle with security forces. He said he was believed to be a retired member of. Little is known about why Colombians went to poor and politically unstable countries, except that they arrived between May and June.

After half a century of guerrilla conflicts in Colombia, some former Army officers and soldiers have contracts with security companies around the world, according to Colombian officials and analysts tracking drug trafficking. Some are being swept away by drug gangs.

The Colombian government has appointed an investigation team of military intelligence personnel to provide financial data, flight schedules and other information to the International Criminal Police Organization and Haitian authorities, Vargas said.

Colombian suspect in Haiti’s murder is a veteran

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