Dengue Myths And Facts: As dengue cases rise, 7 biggest myths busted

Once more, whereas COVID concern continues to prevail together with dengue concern, consultants have highlighted that it may truly be potential for a person to contract two totally different viral strains, i.e. COVID-19 together with dengue on the identical time. That is what is named a co-infection, and the rationale why it is being suggested to go for traditional testing, it doesn’t matter what related or dissimilar signs you get.

Not solely do COVID and dengue share some frequent signs (together with fever, gastrointestinal hassle, nausea, myalgia), contracting two viral strains at a time like this will complicate issues, trigger extreme stress on the physique, extend restoration or trigger devastating outcomes. Therefore, any risk should not be dominated out and it is requisite that we proceed following COVID acceptable protocols and different preventive practices.

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