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Devon Booker and Phoenix Suns Torch Bucks Return to Halfway House at NBA Finals | NBA Finals – News

The ball went from Chris Paul to Devin Booker, and after all Sands players touched it, it didn’t stop until Deandre Ayton scored.

The 10-pass sequence is NBA Finals And a one-man show that Bucks never dreamed of.

“I think it’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done since the playoffs,” Booker said.

Imagine what it would be like if his team won two more.

Booker scored 31 points, Paul scored 23 points, and Sands defeated Milwaukee 118-108 on Thursday night to lead the 2-0 series.

The sun was closer than ever NBA Title. Not bad for the team that the coach said earlier this season they had the league’s most disastrous starting unit and forced players to understand things.

“We did, and we’re going to keep it going,” Paul said.

Booker made seven three-pointers and Sands was 20-40 behind Ark. The Mikal Bridges scored 27 points and Paul finished with eight assists.

Sands soared in the second half of the first half, with Janice Adetokumpo enduring all efforts to regain Bucks, and fans left the winner again, wielding an orange rally towel.

Antetokunpo scored 42 points and 12 rebounds in the second game after missing two games due to his left knee being stretched too much.

Sands didn’t even lead in the NBA Finals until he won 118-105 in Game 1. He lost the first two games in both 1976 and 1993 and did not win more than one game in either series in the only other match. ..

There are already two this time around, after the third Sunday in Milwaukee, the first NBA Finals since 1974.

“We know what the deal is,” said Antetokounpo. “We need to go home and protect our home.”

Jrue Holiday played more aggressively, but shots weren’t as good as in Game 1. I got 17 points, but only 7 hits at 21.

This means Bucks will have to overcome their second 2-0 deficit this postseason. They did it against Brooklyn Nets in the Eastern Conference semifinals, but with some help when James Harden was injured first and then Kyrie Irving was injured.

Today, they are facing a Sands team with weapons throughout the lineup, showing them all in the most beautiful play of the series.

They hit the ball all around for the final basket in the first half. It went from Paul to Booker, Jae Crowder, Bridges, Crowder, Paul, and Crowder, and then to Bridges again. Then he finally sent it to Eighton. Eighton left a 56-45 lead in the break and was fouled with 14.9 seconds remaining to score.

Bucks could only dream of involving so many people. Antetokunpo’s 15 field goals were more than double that of other Milwaukee players.

Phoenix opened a 65-50 lead and got off to a good start to 3rd place, but prevented Antetokunpo (and almost only Antetokunpo) from moving the game away from Bucks. He scored 20 of the 33 points of the third Bucks, the first 20-point period in the final since Michael Jordan vs. Suns in 1993.

“Yanis no longer surprises me. He has the nickname Freak for a reason,” said Pat Connaughton of Bucksguard. “I think it’s unbelievable that he can do it. He has to keep doing what he’s doing to get ready, get better, and become an MVP twice.”

Milwaukee went down to 6 for the fourth time, but Paul nailed the three pointers and Bridges had a basket to quickly return the lead to double digits.

Milwaukee beat Phoenix 20-0 in the first quarter of paint, but eight of Sands’ nine baskets were three-pointers, lagging behind 29-26.

Only two fouls were called in the clean quarter, both of which were Sands. Antetokunpo made only two free throws and one while the fans continued to count in the backs road game during the playoffs to show that they often did not shoot within the allotted 10 seconds. , I shot the airball for the second time. ..

With less than five minutes left, he was drawn 41, before Sands soared with precision attacks and shutdown defense. They finished in 15-4 runs and Bucks managed only a pair of baskets by Antetokounmpo.

He tried to fire his teammate, yelling on the bench during the time-out, but couldn’t get the ball into the basket. Bucks was disastrous 25-6 during this period, missing 10 out of 12 three-point tries.

Devon Booker and Phoenix Suns Torch Bucks Return to Halfway House at NBA Finals | NBA Finals

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