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NEW DELHI: “Our baby is no more, Ravish,” have been the final phrases Dr Dimple Arora stated to her husband earlier than Covid-19 claimed her life.
On Sunday, Ravish Chawla uploaded a video on Twitter of his spouse. Chawla stated he wished to share the video with everybody to focus on the truth that his spouse took all precautions however nonetheless contracted the coronavirus.

“Some people might think they are young and have immunity, but for once we need to think about others because people can be asymptomatic and yet spread Covid. My wife was seven months pregnant. I first lost my child, and then after her operation, I lost her,” stated Chawla.

In the video, Arora, fondly referred to as Dipika by relations, stated she was unable to talk however was pleading with everybody to not take the coronavirus frivolously.
“Please wear a mask, please tell your family members to be careful, please don’t be irresponsible. Especially during my pregnancy,” she is heard saying within the video. “I did not want this to happen and took all precautions, but here I am. I want to run, walk, be active and here my body is giving up due to Covid. Everyone please think about your family members, old people, pregnant women, who are more susceptible to the virus, and wear a mask whenever you interact with them.”
The 2-minutes-32-seconds-long video was made by Dipika to warn others of the ruthlessness of the Covid virus.
Chawla advised TOI, “We live in Surya Niketan in east Delhi with my parents. On April 11, Dipika had a mild fever. We initially thought it was viral, but being a doctor herself she was suspicious and we immediately got ourselves tested. My three-and-half-year-old son and she proved positive, while I was negative. Since my parents are old and my father is a heart patient, we decided to move to her parents’ house in Faridabad, where we isolated ourselves on the first floor. When her oxygen dipped, we rushed her to the hospital.”
The gynaecologist checked Dipika on April 24. She began bleeding quickly after that.
“She had labour pains the next day but the ultrasound showed the baby had died in the womb,” stated Chawla. “The pulmonologist told us that we needed to take the baby out via Caesarean section and that Dipika needed to be told about the baby to prepare her from slipping into shock. She kept asking about the baby. At one point, I lied that she had delivered a boy. Her oxygen level improved, but I don’t know what went wrong after that. She passed away on April 26.”
Chawla claimed he wished to add the video on Twitter for the world to know that the Covid virus needed to be taken critically and to inform his son that his mom was a hero. “My son asks about her every day,” Chawla stated. “His questions haunt me. I can’t even cry in front of him. I don’t have an answer and I think I never will have one.”
Another video has NCR-based make-up artist Srishti Bhardwaj speaking about her Covid journey. In the 14-minutes video on Instagram, Bhardwaj speaks in regards to the completely different days and completely different signs she suffered. “I had gone to my brother’s house in Badaun and thought I had caught a cold. I used Vicks on my nose and realised I couldn’t smell it. When I asked my niece, who stays with me, to smell it, she couldn’t either. I realised something was wrong,” Bhardwaj advised TOI.
In the video recorded throughout her isolation days, Bhardwaj says, “I had tea which felt like water, food felt like salty water, no taste and no smell. I felt weak and couldn’t even take a shower. Even a little work made me feel tired. We had to make a chart of our medications. Please don’t take Covid lightly. Wear a double mask or a medically approved mask all the time.”

Akshat Saxena, a pilot with a non-public airline who contracted the virus in July final 12 months, equally posted a video he recorded whereas in hospital on Instagram.
“I had a sore throat and later fever. The virus is spreading like wildfire and affecting people in different ways. We have to fight it mentally and physically,” Saxena stated within the video.

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