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'Effective' way to 'significantly improve sagging skin and cellulite’ without surgery

The NuEra® Tight targets four of the most requested skin care solutions: 

Fat Reduction: “NuEra® Tight is a truly personalised body contouring experience and starts with FocalRF® technology which treats fat on any region of the body easily and effectively,” Dr Chantrey said. 

Skin Tightening: “NuEra® Tight automatically lifts and regulates the temperature in the skin tissue to stimulate collagen and improve signs of sagging skin and wrinkles. 

“From large areas of the body to a smaller facial area, FocalRF® technology targets the right settings for your body, ensuring safe and effective treatments,” she added. 

Cellulite Reduction: “Powered by FocalRF® technology, NuEra® Tight uses different modes and effective massage manipulation, to remodel cellulite and improve the appearance of bumps and dimpling. 

“Clients can expect significant results after just one treatment,” Dr Chantrey claimed. 

Wrinkle reduction: “NuEra® Tight stimulates blood flow and creates an immediate smoothing effect that will continue to improve as the body’s healing mechanism generates new collagen production.”

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