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Failed Light: South Sudan’s “New Dawn” Turns into a Complete Nightmare | Simon Tisdall – News

IIndependence is not always what it cracks down on. Recently added countries such as Kosovo and East Timor (East Timor) are having a hard time finding their feet. 2017 Catalan Separatist Divide your homeland in two..Scottish referendum voters I took a pass The simple glorious days of the “Third World” liberation movement expelling the colonial regime seem to be long ago.

South Sudan, which celebrated its 10th birthday on Friday, came late to the African Independence Party. This is the product of a complex 2005 agreement to end the civil war decades ago in Sudan. Barack Obama lyrically waxed for credit. “Today reminds us that a new dawn light is possible after the darkness of war,” he declared.

But by most means, the dawn proved to be wrong.South Sudan An experiment in which “Failed Light” was failed in order to adopt the title of Rudyard Kipling’s first novel. Sudan.. Two years after independence, in 2013, when Vice President Riek Kumachar, a Nuer warrior educated at the University of Bradford, spoke to me in Juba in July of the same year, a rival ethnic faction plunged the country into war. I was allowed to.

Machar wanted to confront Salva Kiir, the president of South Sudan and the leader of the Dinka tribe. Kiel had other ideas. In the next five years of war, nearly 400,000 people died and millions were evacuated. Currently, in the midst of intensifying violence and political tensions between regions, the United Nations has warned of a “return to a major conflict.”

Surprisingly, Kiel remains president and Machar is his rebellious adjutant. Sudanese civil society groups want both men to quit, but fear that security forces will fill the void. There are constant rumors of a military coup. The election has been postponed. Last year’s power sharing agreement has not yet been fully implemented.

The main reason for South Sudan’s failure was, and arguably, the lack of governance and capacity in lands that lacked reliable institutions and infrastructure before 2011. The other is corruption on a grand scale. “Political elites are fighting for resource management in the process of stealing people’s future,” the UN Human Rights Council said last year.

The hope that South Sudan’s oil and mineral wealth will bring prosperity to all has been shattered by mismanagement and greed. There is an urgent need for international involvement and increased investment.However African Union The IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) seems powerless, but the Western government is opposed to Kiel’s favor. The United Kingdom is a good example. British troops supporting UN missions in Juba withdrew last year. Bilateral aid is being reduced.

Aid agencies are making great efforts to help South Sudanese who appear to be in increasing distress.The UN’s June inter-ministerial overview states: Level of food insecurity It was the best since independence. Currently, about 8.3 million people need humanitarian assistance (about two-thirds of the total population) and 1.4 million children under the age of five are severely malnourished.

A woman scooped up the fallen grain after the fall of aerial food under the World Food Program in Kandak, South Sudan. Photo: Sam Mednick / AP

The United Nations emphasized that “conflicts, evacuation, floods, loss of livelihoods, Covid-19, medical and school inaccessibility”. [and] “Attack on the community” is an important factor driving an endless descent into a dire situation. Still, of the $ 1.68 billion needed for his year, only $ 497 million has been raised.

South Sudan’s plight was indirectly exacerbated by partial rehabilitation in Sudan following the overthrow of the Islamic regime in Omar al-Bashir in 2019. The Khartoum interim government reform program, albeit controversial at home, has persuaded the United States and the IMF to adopt a friendly approach.

The switch resulted in a $ 2.4 billion loan and a $ 50 billion debt relief deal last month. And last year, Donald Trump removed Sudan from Washington’s list of state sponsors of terrorism. In return, Khartoum began diplomatic relations with Israel as part of the so-called Abraham Agreement. The United States and Israel, South Sudan’s most ardent supporters in 2011, are now sleeping with their old enemies in the north.

South Sudan does not monopolize the chronic instability of Horn Africa Country. Ironically, this common problem, rooted in 19th-century European interventionism, is exacerbated by the withdrawal of the West. The gap is being exploited by New Wave imperialists, who are equally altruistic and foreign, especially the UAE, and to a lesser extent Russia, China and the Gulf countries.

Whether it’s a new start or not, Sudan itself is still facing turmoil in many ways. Street protests welcomed the IMF agreement triggered by the end of fuel subsidies. The economy is at stake and inflation is close to 400%. Increasing friction between government civilians and military elements, especially the rapid support units of murderous paramilitary organizations, is jeopardizing the transition to democratization.

In the western part of Darfur, violence resumed after regaining calm. The puzzled south side of Sudan adjacent to South Sudan.And along its eastern border Ethiopia.. The resurgence of territorial disputes in the Alphashka region, triggered by British mapping interference, has heightened tensions over the escape of refugees from the war-torn Tigray province of Ethiopia.

Instability Also infected with Ethiopia It has long been evaluated by the West as a regional anchor. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s army, which unnecessarily invaded Tigray, was comprehensively routed. There is increasing fear that the victorious Tigrinya will point their guns at the neighboring Amhara province and seek revenge from Eritrea’s vicious dictator Abby’s criminal partner Isias Ahuerki.

Even more dangerous in a sense is coming to the head of a long bubbling line beyond the Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia on the Blue Nile. According to confirmation from Addis Ababa last week, the resumption of dam filling will rage downstream of the river in Sudan and Egypt, each of which will lose significant water supplies.

Like many other conflicts from South Kordofan to Somalia, it is unclear whether this conflict can be resolved peacefully. In this wider and more turbulent situation, the anguish of the birth of South Sudan is drowning.

Failed Light: South Sudan’s “New Dawn” Turns into a Complete Nightmare | Simon Tisdall

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