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Ferrari Says Future EVs Will Be Exciting And Unique

Not much is known yet, but Ferrari says customers will revel in “precision mechanics, fluid dynamics and performance software.” The silent supercars will glean inspiration from the world of motorsport and share “strong commonalities” with the combustion engine. What’s more, the brand is promising the electric newcomers will offer keen drivers the thrills of a true Ferrari and provide “unique elements [and] driving emotions.”

It’s hard to imagine an electric Ferrari delivering the same excitement as a conventionally powered equivalent. But if the electrically-assisted SF90 and 296 GTB are anything to go by, we’ve got hope for the future. As Reuters reports, chairman John Elkann insisted that “everything we do will always focus on being distinctively Ferrari … [electrification] will allow us to make even more unique cars.”

Unique they may be, but Ferrari customers aren’t the sort to embrace tradition being tampered with. Without the distinct flavor provided by unique ICE engines, there may not be a reason to fork out big sums of money for the Ferrari experience.

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