Flu Vaccination: What is the best time to get a flu shot? Who needs a flu vaccine and when?

September-October are often the months when the flu season will get worse, many have a tendency to contemplate these months to be one of the best time to get a flu shot.

Since it is also speculated that if a 3rd wave is to come back up, there are increased possibilities of COVID and the flu circulating on the identical time and inflicting an infection, getting each the vaccines on the applicable time will assist people keep vigilant, and keep away from extra dangers of coinfection too.

Nevertheless, since flu may routinely strike by different components of the 12 months, a vaccine will be taken earlier too, however it could nonetheless be best if taken through the peak season.

Therefore, should you do plan to get inoculated, wisest can be to get the flu jab by the top of October.

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