Fossils of 400-million-year-old ‘Excalibur worm’ discovered in Australia

In response to previous English legends, Excalibur is a magical sword utilized by legends. King Arthur — Suppliers of roundtables in the fifth and sixth centuries and fogeys of the UK. Right now, its fascinating blade legend lives on in the identify of a prehistoric worm that may be crushed between two fingers.

meet Lepidocoleus caliburnus..(Solely an inch lengthy), this eerie crawler residing in the traditional sea might not attain the peak of its identify in Artagne — however as a brand new research in the journal. Paleontology papers As identified, it a minimum of seemed to be half of a closely armored knight, coated with an overlapping plate of calcite crystals working alongside the whole size of the creature’s physique.

With that cousin seed L. Shrikenus — Named after the Shuriken (a pointed ninja throwing star) and first defined in a brand new research — L. caliburnus About 400 million years in the past Devonian, At the moment in Australia. Each worms most likely inhabited shallow coral reefs that are actually half of mainland Australia, the research authors write. They most likely ate natural waste and used armor plates to guard them from predators.

The “Excalibur Worm” fossil was not too long ago excavated in mainland Australia. (Picture credit score: College of Missouri)

Fossils of 400-million-year-old ‘Excalibur worm’ discovered in Australia Source link Fossils of 400-million-year-old ‘Excalibur worm’ discovered in Australia

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