Girl raped, killed by sibling, three friends in Jaipur


The police charge sheet in the gang rape and murder of a 10-year-old disabled girl in Jaipur on May 17, filed Thursday, has revealed horrific details, about how she was kidnapped by her own brother (20 years old) and raped by him and three of his friends, and then killed.

Sulesh Choudhary, additional deputy commissioner of police ( organized crime) in Jaipur City, completed investigation into the case. She was additional SP in Jaipur Rural when she investigated the case under Manoharpur police station.

“During investigation, we found that the brother of the victim, who is the prime accused in the case, hated his sister because he thought that she was a burden on the family. She was dependent on the family for everything. The statements of neighbours and other relatives show that he preferred to be out of house most of the time to avoid seeing her,” the police officer said.

The family is from Uttar Pradesh and worked at a brick kiln in Jaipur.

“On May 17, the victim was very happy as her mother had got her a new pair of jeans and a T-shirt. In the evening around 4.15pm, the brother along with his three friends, all between 18 and 20, kidnapped her,” Choudhary said. She added that the accused confessed to watching pornography on a mobile phone during the act.

The family registered a missing person complaint the following day. In the evening, police found the body.

Choudhary said that the police traced the locations of the mobile phones of neighbours and family-members at the approximate time of the crime. One phone was present near the scene of the crime — it belonged to a friend of the girl’s brother. When he was interrogated, he confessed to the crime, and named three others, including the brother of the girl. The accused were arrested on May 23.


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