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Hermes reopens Milan’s large flagship store – News

Hermes He said he would reopen the via Montenapoleone store in Milan on July 9th and start “a new chapter in history that has connected Italian and French homes since 1987”.


The refurbished store is located at the same address, but is now twice as large, covering 950 square meters and adding two floors. This means that we can offer a complete product lineup with our flagship.

The historic building blends “the inspiration of Paris with the uniqueness of Milan’s architecture”.

Original objects, paintings and sculptures are used to “immerse visitors in an eclectic and artistic atmosphere.” The bookshelf on the ground floor contains a miniature of the Faubourg Saint Honore store, made of wood by the Italian artist Michele Delcchi.

A limited collection limited to the same store is also on sale.

The new location will open on the ground floor, with a colorful women’s silk collection of homes and a space dedicated to fashion jewelery. Men’s silk is located just beyond the stairs, and a small courtyard is dedicated to cosmetology and perfumes under kaleidoscopic windows.

The floor also has an area dedicated to the world of horseback riding under the brand “for both horses and riders”.

The ground floor is a bright Venetian-style mix of terrazzo and ceramic tiles inspired by the design of the Faubourg Saint Honorestore, depicting the perfect harmony between the historic Hermès flagship store and the Quadri La Terradella Moda fashion district in Milan. It is colored as “Masu”.

The curves of the stairs are also “here reminiscent of the stairs of a historic Parisian store, lined with pink marble with bronze and leather railings.”

On the ground floor, in addition to changing rooms and VIP rooms, you can find a collection of leather goods, ready-made men’s clothing and accessories under the “shining vaulted ceiling”. There is also a new section called “For Hermès Custom Projects Only”.

The large space on the second floor displays the home collection of the brand “For the first time at the same address, including Art de Vivre, furniture and tableware”. In addition to ready-made shoes and shoes for women, there is also a new area dedicated to watches, jewelery and repairs.

On the other hand, there is a skilled leather craftsman and a tailoring room on the 3rd floor. “A private space designed as a special living room with wood panels and mahogany furniture to welcome guests in a cozy atmosphere.”

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Hermes reopens Milan’s large flagship store

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