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How Katie Flood feels about the “Mediterranean under the deck” cast – News

Ahoy, Mate! Katie Flood Bravo’s latest rookie Under the deck Mediterranean, And the new chief stew said exclusively We weekly About all of her first impressions.

A 29-year-old from New Zealand joined the yacht industry six years ago, but she joined the yacht industry for the first time. Under the deck cast.She quickly formed a bond with her Bravo Castmate While working on Lady Michelle’s interior.

Katie Flood.

Laurent Bassett / Bravo

But not everyone immediately made a good impression.chef Matthewcia It took me a minute to warm up to her, Especially after the premiere drama.. Matthew, 34, left the boat for MRI and the crew prepared their own dinner for the paying guest.

“He’s the kind of person who grows up on you. Matthew grows up on you,” Katie recalled. “Similarly, he’s very weird and eccentric in his own way, but what I like about Matthew is who he is and he doesn’t change for anyone.”

Fortunately, others were much easier to work with right away.Katie has great respect for her boss’s captain Sandy Joan, She calls it “very empathetic and easy to talk to.” The beginner added, “I think she’s pretty well understood and a good support system.”

David Pasco Another reliable decker.up to date Under the deck The cast members said We She considers him “the cutest little person ever” and “such a compassionate soul.”

Katie continued. “He has a very big heart. He really loves and cares for everyone. When something happens, he is always the first person, and when he says something has happened, He will be the first person to call or send you a message. “

It sounds like Courtney VeilWhat Katie lovingly calls Coco is also tightly bound to the new Chief Stew.

“She seems to be the most difficult little worker I’ve ever encountered,” Katie added. “She is very good at work. She has such common sense, but you know deeply that she is a very soft little soul, and you know that she is very valuable. I am. “

During all the realities that TV drama viewers expect, Katie added that she laughed a lot during her sixth season. Under the deck Mediterranean..She said Maria White And Mzi “Zee” Dempers Made her smirk the most.

“”Maria is very funny and very crazy..I think she came across very seriously, and don’t get me wrong, she’s astounding in her work and she takes her work seriously, “Katey assured. We.. “Similarly, the girl will be the captain someday. I hope she will work for her. But she’s actually such a cruiser, so it’s easy to get along. She’s a bloody fun time and I really think viewers will see it this season. “

She added that South African crewmate Gee “makes me laugh a lot” and “I just have the best one-liner.”

Zee is like a clown in class. “He is always doing interesting things, or He’s probably doing something he shouldn’t do, “She explained.

Watch the video above to find out who “brings the suspension” and details of Katie’s first impression.

Under the deck Mediterranean Season 6 airs on Bravo Monday at 9 pm EST. The episode will be released early in Peacock.

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