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How These Vocal Anticovid Vaccine Chiropractors Divided Occupations – News

“Despite all the evidence supporting the fact that innate immunity is stronger and lasts longer than acquired immunity, previous Covid infections are not entirely part of the debate,” Bogash said. (Studies have shown that vaccines are likely to produce stronger and more reliable immunity, especially against mutants.)

Dawn Benton, executive vice president of the California Chiropractic Association, said without mentioning vaccines: “Chiropractors are well trained to recognize conditions outside our scope, so patients You can determine when best treated by our office or others. Doctors; Medical Workers. “

“With our training, chiropractic physicians may be able to properly comment on many medical topics. The decision is left to the individual chiropractic physicians and the regulations they practice.”

Of the 11 organizations reached, only two, the Delaware Chiropractic Association and the Washington Chiropractic Association, directly stated that chiropractors should refer patients to doctors and ask questions on medical subjects.

Jeff Karwen, Secretary-General of the Washington Association, said: “Chiropractors can and should discuss with patients how non-chiropractic treatment affects chiropractic treatment, but specific answers to out-of-range questions are always appropriate. The provider type must be referred to the patient. “

However, some practitioners share inaccurate or sourceless information without prompting.

On his website, Greg Werner, a chiropractor in New York City and Westchester County, New York, claims that the proven vaccine does not work and that the bacterial theory “does not exist.” (He declined the request for an interview.)

J. Zimmerman, a New Jersey chiropractor, His blog The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, a federal database that allows anyone to report health problems after vaccination, has suggested that vaccines are the cause of reported problems.He didn’t mention CDC Disclaimer — “Reporting to VAERS does not mean that the vaccine caused an adverse event, but that an adverse event occurred shortly after vaccination.” — The New York Times asked a question about the use of VAERS. His post until emailed to him.

How These Vocal Anticovid Vaccine Chiropractors Divided Occupations

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