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Is it Covid, flu or RSV? Chart compares differences in symptoms – NBC News

Covid, flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are collectively driving a nationwide wave of respiratory diseases.

Round 76% of U.S. hospital inpatient beds are full, in keeping with data from the Division of Well being and Human Providers. Pediatric beds are at an analogous stage, although six states have 90% or extra of their pediatric beds full, in keeping with an NBC Information evaluation of HHS information.

Covid, flu and RSV may be tough to differentiate, since they share many widespread signs. But it surely’s helpful to know which virus you’ve, since that determines the remedies you must obtain and how long you should isolate.

Sure hallmarks — both signs or how the sickness progresses — might help differentiate every virus. Listed here are 5 elements to contemplate.

Some signs are distinctive to specific viruses

A runny nostril, cough, congestion or sore throat can come up due to any of the three viruses or a typical chilly. However a lack of style and odor is extra generally associated with Covid than with flu or RSV. And wheezing is usually a tell-tale signal of a severe RSV an infection, often present in youngsters or older adults.

The one strategy to know for sure, although, is to get examined.

“I don’t think anybody would ever go, ‘Hey, listen, I think you have a virus based on your symptoms,’ and feel confident to say what virus that is,” mentioned Dr. Frank Esper, a pediatric infectious illness specialist at Cleveland Clinic.

Are signs approaching regularly or swiftly?

Flu signs are inclined to develop extra immediately than these of Covid or RSV.

“Flu classically comes on with an abrupt fever first that happens pretty quickly. That’s somewhat contrasted by RSV and Covid, where we think of a slow escalation in symptoms,” mentioned Dr. Scott Roberts, a Yale Medication infectious illness specialist.

How lengthy has it been since publicity?

The diseases have totally different incubation intervals — the time between publicity and signs. On common, flu signs are inclined to develop two days after publicity to the virus, whereas RSV signs are inclined to take round four to six days to look, and Covid’s typical incubation is three to four days for the omicron variant.

“If I go to a party and I get symptoms the next day, it’s probably flu because that can be as short as 24 hours’ incubation period,” Roberts mentioned.

Age makes an enormous distinction in a illness’s signs and severity

RSV is unlikely to make a wholesome grownup really feel very sick, whereas Covid and flu actually can.

“In general, if you’re a young healthy adult or you’re not in an extreme of age, and you get pretty severe illness, it’s probably not RSV,” Roberts mentioned.

The teams most susceptible to extreme RSV infections are infants, kids with lung ailments, adults ages 65 and up and folks with weakened immune methods.

Signs also can look totally different relying in your age and immune standing. Many youngsters are encountering respiratory viruses for the primary time this 12 months as they return to common education and socializing, so their our bodies might have a tougher time clearing the an infection, which may result in extra wide-ranging signs.

In line with Esper, virtually a fourth of kids have gastrointestinal signs (like diarrhea, abdomen ache or vomiting) from viral infections. That is much less widespread in adults with seasonal flu or RSV.

Folks with weakened immune methods, in the meantime, usually tend to develop extreme signs or pneumonia from any of the three viruses.

Contemplate which virus is circulating essentially the most in your group

Illness consultants anticipate that Covid instances will climb over the vacations as extra folks journey and collect indoors. Common each day instances reported to the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention have already risen almost 11% over the past two weeks, in keeping with NBC News’ tally.

But it surely’s tough to find out native Covid transmission ranges, since many individuals use at-home checks. RSV and flu checks, in contrast, are carried out at a physician’s workplace or ordered through prescription.

RSV infections appear to have handed their peak nationally. Though the CDC doesn’t hold a nationwide depend of RSV instances, the number of positive weekly tests fell from greater than 17,000 within the week ending Nov. 5 to round 9,000 within the week ending on Saturday.

Against this, flu instances are skyrocketing. The national share of influenza tests that got here again constructive rose from round 8% within the week ending Oct. 30 to almost 15% within the week ending Nov. 13. Flu hospitalizations are the highest they’ve been presently of 12 months in additional than a decade. 

Esper mentioned he expects the Cleveland Clinic to be “swimming in flu” two weeks from now.

The image varies by area, nevertheless. Within the Northeast, Roberts mentioned, “we saw RSV surge over the last one to two months and it’s actually plateaued — which is great news — and then flu, only the past few weeks we’re seeing an exponential rise.”

“The Southeast U.S. — Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi — they saw kind of the opposite. They saw initially a surge in flu, and then now you’re seeing RSV start to catch up,” he added.

Available treatments and vaccines

Unlike Covid and the flu, there are no vaccines or universally prescribed treatments for RSV.

“RSV scares me essentially the most, most likely, as a result of you possibly can’t do something about it and so many younger youngsters haven’t seen it. We’re actually seeing document surges in our pediatric hospitals,” Roberts mentioned.

To scale back the size of flu signs, although, docs often prescribe Tamiflu or one in all three other approved treatments. For some folks with Covid, docs can prescribe Paxlovid.

Dr. Ashish Jha, the White Home Covid-19 Response Coordinator, emphasised the advantages of getting flu pictures and Covid boosters.

“In this moment where we have a lot of flu, still have a decent amount of RSV, still got a good amount of Covid, the single most important thing people need to do is go get vaccinated,” Jha mentioned at a Tuesday briefing. “It keeps you out of the hospital.”

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