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“It proves”: Britney supporters believe she will soon be released from her dad | Ent & Arts News – News

There was no omission in the courtroom this time, but Britney Spears’ voice was just as loud in her recent call for liberation from the controversial statutory guardianship system.

3 weeks ago The performer first laid out her anguish Due to her life arrangements, feeds from systems designed to allow people to listen remotely during a pandemic were illegally streamed online. Then the system was shut down.

So when she embarked on the second round of her attack on the legal system, her plea for freedom could only be heard by those packed into the fourth part of the Los Angeles County High Court. did.

Perhaps best demonstrating the complexity of the parental web surrounding Britney Spears is the time it takes to bring all parties together in the same court. At the hearing, more than 12 lawyers appeared remotely or face-to-face.

Only one of these lawyers states that in this case, attorney fees of $ 3 million (£ 2.2 million) were incurred. This conservation effort has been going on for 13 years.

While she was attending both hearings, both were on the phone and the emotions were clear. The second time she spoke very fast and the judge had to ask her to slow down for the court shorthand.

“I’m here to get rid of my dad. I want to accuse him of abusing the power of attorney. I want to investigate my dad,” she said. The arrangement is “literally ruin my dad my life.”

Her supporters believe she is likely to be released from the power of attorney. Pic: AP

When she cried and was angry that her family didn’t care about her, Judge Brenda Penny softly told her that it would take some time to compose herself.

Her allegations against her father and guardian Jamie were labeled “unfounded” by his lawyer.

The main victory of his daughter Permission to choose her own lawyer.. Her chosen Mathew Rosengart has represented many Hollywood stars over the years, demonstrating that ending the power of attorney will be his first job.

“If he loves his daughter, it’s time to resign,” he said of Spears.

Many lawyers agreed that the power of attorney was broken and was not working for the benefit of those designed to protect it. Campaigners say there are probably millions of people in the same situation.

Spears’ new lawyer Matthew Rosengert has a great reputation. Pic: AP

Again, the court’s cool austerity contrasted with the noisy support for Britney Spears in the heat of the streets outside. It seems to grow every time I hear it.

Regarding the recent legal victory, Leanne Simmons, one of the first organizers of the Free Britney campaign, said, “It’s been proven. It was hard. We’ve been laughed at and called conspiracy theorists. Britney confirms these things we’ve been fighting for, it’s a bit verifiable. “

“It proves”: Britney supporters believe she will soon be released from her dad | Ent & Arts News

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