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Joe Biden: Six months later, a cold and difficult reality obscures the early euphoria | Joe Biden – News

AAngela Merkel called him “Dear Joe” three times. He vowed to unite by tackling “democratic retreat, corruption, false populism.” But he also warned: “If you don’t leave now, you’ll miss your supper” – Includes crispy sea bass, black pepper tagliatelle, and pumpkin squash.

Joe Biden’s meeting with the German Chancellor last week provided comfortable food for those nostalgic for the old world order. But when Merkel leaves the stage 16 years later, with the certainty of her legacy as a towering figure in European politics, Biden is still striving to make his mark.

The 46th President will take office on July 20 for exactly six months.He inherited the country from Donald Trump Deeply divided.. He promised to prove that the government was still functioning-it could offer better to the people than a rising dictatorship like China-and that the United States was back. Convince the suspicious world.

how are you? It’s like asking if the glass is half full or half empty. In the biggest and most urgent crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, Biden started the storm with mass distribution of vaccines, reducing more than 90% of cases and deaths since its peak in January.

He also signed a $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus bailout bill that will help save the sick economy and create more than 3 million jobs, although the economy remains largely. 6.8 million jobs below The peak before the pandemic. This week, child tax credit payments reached 35.2 million households. This is a concrete example of how the government is working.

But the euphoric feeling Biden’s first hundred days As reality creeps in, it inevitably cools down. A large investment in infrastructure has been split in two and is stuck on a sausage maker in Washington. It’s not clear what compromises will come from parliamentary negotiations.Reforms on gun safety, immigration and police atrocities Hit the wall..

Biden signed the American Rescue Plan, a huge Oronavirus rescue package, on March 11th. Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP

A law to expand voting rights and reduce the financial impact of politics, and a bipartisan committee to investigate the January 6 riots at the US Capitol. A torpedo was fired by a Republican Use Senate procedural rules known as filibuster. Even cases of coronavirus are creeping among unvaccinated people, as anti-scientific conspiracy theories run wild in Trump-supporting countries.

Biden can go down in history as the resulting president, but seems to have to do it without a majority of Franklin Roosevelt’s parliament or a majority of Lyndon Johnson. Tips for twisting your arms. He also has to do it in a country where Trump is still shining, and the Republican governor has rebelled against the attack and is the right-wing media. In many respects, the United States remains bankrupt.

Leon Panetta, Former Defense Minister and CIA Director said: “It’s definitely a very difficult time, and President Biden is doing his best to keep democracy functioning in very difficult situations. I think his heart is in the right place. He is working as hard as he can to see if he can get at least some bipartisan cooperation.

“But the bottom line is that it is very difficult to control these forces operating in the country, in what direction we can go, and ultimately in terms of our ability to govern democracy. From the original hope of our ancestors. “

Joe Biden visited the Senate with majority leader Chuck Schumer, where some of his major legislative objectives were hampered. Photo: Michael Brochstein / Sopa Images / Rex / Shutterstock

The United States, as it may be argued, has encountered two Joe Biden in the last six months.

One is a familiar person. A conservative institutional economics scholar who has served in the Senate for 36 years and as Vice President for eight years and remains a bipartisan evangelical. It sat with a Republican senator in the Oval Office and refused to demand the abolition of filibuster, Reduce noise Sometimes literally whispering in the Trump era.

There are derogatory insults, impulsive firings, and stunning tweets. Politeness, predictability, and even dullness are back. Earlier this month, after a 30-minute remark in Crystal Lake, Illinois Biden admitted: “I know it’s a boring speech.”

Then there’s the less-anticipated Biden, who becomes big and bold, tries to regain confidence in the government’s life-changing abilities, and declares the death of a 40-year experiment in Ronald Reagan’s “trickle-down” economics. ..This Biden leads historically diverse cabinets, “understands” climate, guns, and racial justice, gets praise from progressives, and secures seats at the table. For Senator Bernie Sanders.

Together, the two Bidens form a paradox. In the formulation of Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, the president said,Boring but radical“.

Michael steele, A former chairman of the Republican National Committee, said: “He wasn’t, and he wasn’t Lyndon Johnson. He wasn’t the one who held meetings while sitting in the bathroom. First, we need to understand what kind of president he is. Progressive Wing, Liberal Wing. , Whether it’s the center-left wing of the party, everyone needs to understand the man in front of them and respond to their strategies. “

The president often finds himself passing a needle between those wings.

The Democratic majority in the House is painfully narrow. If the Senate splits 50-50, it depends on Vice President Kamala Harris’s tiebreaker vote. The party includes a large number of people pitching progressives against moderates such as Joe Manchin in West Virginia and Kyrsten Cinema in Arizona.Senator is ready to hold Wednesday procedure voting Start discussing the still evolving bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Joe Biden greets a woman during her visit to the Children's Learning Center at McHenry County College during her visit to Crystal Lake, a suburb of northwestern Chicago, Illinois earlier this month.
Joe Biden greets a woman during her visit to the Children’s Learning Center at McHenry County College during her visit to Crystal Lake, a suburb of northwestern Chicago, Illinois earlier this month. Photo: Evelyn Hoxtine / Reuters

Rear GreenbergA former parliamentary official, co-secretary-general of the grassroots Indivisible, said the coronavirus bailout package was the “gold standard” of evidence that Biden could provide.

“He moved at the right speed and wasn’t caught up in the mirage of bipartisan compromise. He decided to overcome this, raised the issue, and the Republicans trying to reduce the size of the package actually Finally realized that they weren’t invested in the best packages, “Greenberg said.

“So it’s great when he appears and uses the power of his office and the power of his coalition to pass major laws. What’s been frustrating in the last few months is about bipartisan infrastructure packages. It was an endless debate … basically Republicans aren’t interested in compromise, so it’s very unlikely they’ll reach the end of the line successfully here. They decided to undermine Weiden’s agenda. I’m interested. “

Even if state-level Republicans make voting difficult, especially breaking laws that affect voters, the sector is now boiling as filibusters allow Republican minorities to block national voting standards. I’m threatening. Last week, Biden delivered one of the most ardent speeches of his presidency to date, accusing Trump of “big lie” as a threat to democracy, but not mentioning filibuster.

Rasha Drobinson, The president of Color Of Change, a leading racial judiciary, said: “It’s not just people who can’t move. It’s about structures and systems, one of which is filibuster. Jim Crow tools, which have been used many times to thwart progress, stay in place. As long as it is allowed, we will run in a circle over urgent policies. The Biden administration needs to put some muscle behind this. “

Biden was encouraging to US allies, including a trip to Britain in June.
Biden was encouraging to US allies, including a trip to Britain in June. Photo: WPA / Getty Images

But Robinson Child tax credit, It aims to reduce child poverty in half and make a big difference to color families. “It’s incredibly powerful, and I think it has a huge impact in terms of racial justice. I don’t want to underestimate its important achievements.”

Biden has often described through lines from the country to the world. He knows that much of the world was surprised by Trump’s four years. According to the opinion survey America’s reputation has collapsed. Audiences around the world were amazed at the images of a violent mob attacking the US Capitol on January 6.

Political violence, Washington’s impasse, and corrosive distrust of the government cast doubt on the Western democratic model, despite China’s rapid settlement.Biden describes existential struggles in the 21st century Democracy and dictatorship..

He set out to rebuild the alliance during Recent trip to EuropeHe also warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against further aggression and sought to warn him by hosting Merkel in Washington. His steady hands and deep foreign policy experience have helped provide peace of mind, at least for now, as research suggests a resurgence of confidence in the United States.

Former Defense Minister Panetta said: “I think the world is welcoming the United States, but there is no doubt that they can understand what is happening in this country from a polarization perspective. Many voters found in both last elections , America is still a fragmented country, and for all the benefits Joe Biden is trying to achieve, the turmoil of what America saw in Trump’s time, and it scares everyone’s hell. “

Biden visits with his daughter Ashley View fireworks during the White House's South Lawn Independence Day celebration.
Biden visits with his daughter Ashley View fireworks during the White House’s South Lawn Independence Day celebration. Photo: Patrick Semansky / AP

Indeed, the world leaders sitting with Biden, 78, do know that his presidency is volatile.

Next year, Democrats could lose both the House of Representatives and the Senate, making governance even more difficult. In 2024, Biden himself could lose to Trump or another Trump-style populist. It can all depend on thousands of votes in some swing states.

Michael Broening, Secretary-General of Friedrich Ebert Stifftung, a New York think tank Partnership with the Social Democratic Party of Germany, “We’re talking about the 2024 midterm elections and elections, but Trump is still in the picture. The danger is that when you switch from one president to the next, everything is abandoned and you start from scratch. It has a political yo-yo effect. The question is how many times the table can be turned without actually damaging China. These tremors have an erosive effect. “

Joe Biden: Six months later, a cold and difficult reality obscures the early euphoria | Joe Biden

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