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Lululemon making accessories from mushroom leather – News

Vancouver-based athletic wear company Lululemon announced last week that it began making products made from mushrooms. Mylo material.

Lululemon debuts accessories made from mushrooms. -Lululemon

Launched a concept yoga mat based on Mylo and a lineup of two bags made of materials. In addition to demonstrating Lululemon’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, the product line is innovative and demonstrates new functional objectives.

Inspired by the brand’s Take Form Mat, which includes a 3D zone alignment pattern, the woven Mylo yoga mat experiment with a variety of patterns to complement hand and foot placement during yoga practice.

Similarly, the Lululemon Meditation and Yoga Mat Bag and Lululemon Barrel Duffel Bag have been carefully crafted using Mylo for accessory handles and braided pulls, giving guests a premium look and feel of Mylo. I am. The bag will be available for purchase in early 2022.

Sun Choe, Lululemon’s Chief Product Officer, said:

“Sustainable innovation continues to play an important role in the future of retail and products. For us, leveraging materials like Mylo creates a healthier environment through less impacted products. It shows our commitment and at the same time gives us the ability to rethink what is symbolic. Part of our line through sustainability lenses. “

Mylo is made from renewable mycelium, the structure of mushroom roots, and was created by a team of Bolt Threads scientists and materials experts. Lululemon joined brands such as Stella McCartney, who was recognized as the first to use Mylo mushroom leather in clothing earlier this year, and an ethical shoe producer. All Bird With the debut of plant-based “leather” sneakers.

To further our sustainability efforts, we announced two new sustainability initiatives earlier this year, including the brand’s first recommerce program, Lululemon Like New.

Lululemon reported last month that first-quarter net revenue was $ 1.2 billion, up 88% from $ 652 million in the year-ago quarter due to continued e-commerce growth and store traffic recovery.

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Lululemon making accessories from mushroom leather

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