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Marsha Blackburn Condemns Taylor Swift Interview: Watch-Hollywood Life – News

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn hasn’t forgotten when Taylor Swift called her in 2018. In a new interview, she says Taylor couldn’t play under Marxism.

Senator Tennessee Marsha Blackburn, 69, used Taylor Swift, 31, A strange new interview with a conservative outlet as an example when explaining what she thinks the Marxist government contains restrictions Breitbart On Thursday, July 8th, Masha accused the left of “trying to change country music.” [and] She regularly told the entertainer, “If we have a socialist government, if we have Marxism, you have to approve your music, so you It will be cut off first .. “

Masha was one of the first politicians to be opposed by the “Shake It Off” singer. Break her silence At that time, Taylor publicly announced her support for Masha’s opponents. Phil Bredesen In the senate election Jim Cooper For the House of Representatives. “”[Marsha’s] Voting records in Congress are horrifying and frightening, “Taylor wrote on Instagram, naming Masha’s vote for equal pay for women and reapproval of the Violence Against Women. Masha defeated Phil while Jim won his race, and her term ends in 2025. In 2019, Taylor will have Masha Netflix documentary Miss AmericanaWhen she called the senator[Donald] Playing cards With a wig. “

Taylor’s call seems to have really influenced Masha, as she jumped directly at her as an example of an artist who appears to have been silenced by a Marxist or socialist government. “Yes, Taylor Swift came after me in my 2018 campaign, but when you look at Marxist, socialist societies, women dress, sing, stage, entertain or type. [of] The music she will have. They do not allow the protection of private intellectual property rights, “she said.

Marsha Blackburn used Taylor Swift as an example of Marxism in a new interview. (Shutterstock)

Masha seemed to comment on the fact that Taylor was a solid supporter of intellectual property rights.Taylor has been Conflict with music tycoons Scooter brown For years, partly due to his ownership of her original master recording of her early records.Her anger at the original recording led her to a new project where she re-recorded and re-released all of those albums, the latest of which Red (Taylor’s version).. Both Senators and pop stars are notorious for helping to reform the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and increase ownership of artists’ music. WKRN..

Masha’s clip ended in hopes of her conservative voice in the music industry and a Republican message reaching the artist. “My hope is that the message resonates with many people around us, and thereby with them. We have a great voice in the music industry. They are good, solid, fearing God, Men and women who love freedom and wave flags. I’m grateful every day because they’re really millions of role models. Americans, “she said.

Marsha Blackburn Condemns Taylor Swift Interview: Watch-Hollywood Life

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