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Mexico Allows Union Voting at GM Factory After US Complaint – News

The United States reached an agreement with Mexico on Thursday to give workers at its General Motors plant in the country the ability to vote for collective bargaining agreements on “free and democratic terms.”

This is the first step towards correcting the complaint filed by the Biden administration in May using the new “quick response” mechanism of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which replaced the North American Free Trade Agreement last year. .. The new agreement included wording giving factory workers in the United States, Canada and Mexico the right to form unions and penalties for factories that violated the workers’ rights to free association and collective bargaining.

In a statement, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai described it as a victory for the Biden administration’s commitment to workers.

“Agreeing with Mexico on a remediation plan shows the potential of the USMCA to protect workers’ rights and the benefits of worker-centric trade policies,” said Mr. Thailand. “Full implementation and enforcement of the USMCA not only helps workers working there, but also helps American workers by preventing trade from becoming a race to the bottom.”

The contract comes after the Biden administration Asked Mexico in May Find out if a labor breach has occurred at the Silao plant in Guanajuato’s central state. The government said it had received information indicating a “serious breach” of workers’ rights related to the April vote on collective bargaining agreements.

The remedial plan requires a new vote by August 20, and the Mexican Ministry of Labor will supervise to ensure the safety of the voting area and the protection of ballots. If no vote is taken, the collective bargaining agreement ends, but the worker retains his rights and other unions can negotiate on behalf of the worker.

Mexico will send federal inspectors to the factory this week to continue voting. According to the agreement, 32 inspectors (five times the number at the time of the first vote) will be present. The International Labor Organization and the National Election Institute in Mexico also send observers to monitor votes.

Voting was stopped earlier this year after accusations that the union and factory interfered with it. In May, the Mexican Ministry of Labor said it had found “serious fraud” in a vote and reviewed it at the request of the United States. The United States and Mexico began discussions on a remedy plan on June 25.

GM said in a statement that it welcomed the agreement and upheld the goals of the US and Mexican governments to protect workers’ rights.

“General Motors has completed a review of the union’s vote on a collective bargaining agreement at our factory in Silao, and the United States and Mexico have agreed on a remedial plan to support a free and fair vote in August. I’m happy about that, “the company said. ..

The revised trade agreement required Mexico to renew its labor system, and the country reviewed its labor law in 2019. One of the biggest goals was to reach an agreement with an employer-controlled union, called a protection contract, and eliminate the suspicious collective bargaining agreement that was lacking. Worker input. Such contracts are widespread in the country.

According to the Trade Department, the United States will continue to monitor the implementation of its corrective plans and take further steps as necessary.

Mexico Allows Union Voting at GM Factory After US Complaint

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