Moderately Strong Solar Storm Creates Spectacular Light Show in New York

A reasonably sturdy photo voltaic storm hit Earth lately and created a spectacular gentle present that was seen from New York. This occasion happened as Earth entered a interval of heightened photo voltaic exercise. On October 11, a large photo voltaic flare was noticed on the Earth-facing aspect of the Solar and it reached the planet on Monday. Photo voltaic exercise will increase and reduces each 11 years. 

Solar storms of this magnitude, G2 class, can have an effect on satellites in orbit round Earth and may also disrupt energy grids. Normally, photo voltaic storms will not be highly effective sufficient to be seen from areas aside from the high-altitude areas across the north or south poles. However this storm was seen from New York, Wisconsin, and Washington state, reported.

On Monday, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warned that the solar storm could cause orientation irregularities in satellites and cause power grids to fluctuate. It then extended the alert to Tuesday but reduced the possible impact of the solar storm to fluctuations in weak power grids.

People in South Dakota in the US, including photographer Randy Halverson, were able to capture the incredible view of the aurora, a colourful light show in the sky caused by the solar storm, on Monday. These lights are created when particles from the Sun interact with gases in our atmosphere.

Auroras are often seen in areas near the north or south pole.

Solar storms are common space weather events as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) regularly happen from the Sun’s atmosphere. CMEs are made up of electrically charged plasma and this plasma travels outwards and can hit Earth’s magnetic shield. When this plasma hits the magnetic shield at astronomical speeds of up to 45 million mph, the charged particles move toward the poles releasing energy as colourful light.

The largest solar storm ever recorded hit Earth in 1859. The Carrington Event created an aurora that was visible even in areas much closer to the equator.

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