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More than 160 companies ask Congress to expand voting rights law – News

Video Source: YouTube, NBC News Inc (Nasdaq: AMZN), Apple Inc (Nasdaq: AAPL), Facebook Inc (Nasdaq: FB) And PepsiCo Inc (NYSE: PEP) Is one of more than 160 companies requiring US lawmakers to pass legislation to restore and protect voting rights.

so letter Part of a group called Company, released Wednesday Voting rights business, Requested Congress to reintroduce the John Lewis Voting Rights Promotion Act. This is a law that revives the main provisions of the 1965 law, 2013 Supreme Court decision..

Named after the late John Lewis, a longtime lawmaker and civil rights defender who died last year, the bill has federal approval for racist jurisdictions to make changes to elections. Will demand to receive again.

“Despite decades of progress, the obstacles to exercising voting rights have persisted in many states, especially for the color community. Protecting this fundamental right of all Americans. Therefore, we need the protection of the federal government. “

Amending the Voting Rights Act “helps voters who remain subject to voter oppression have equal and free access to the democratic process,” the company said.

The bill is pending in Congress, but is unlikely to be passed by the Senate 50-50. Second federal voting rights bill, For people’s lawPassed at the Democratic House, but blocked by the Republican Senator.

Wednesday’s letter states that former President Donald Trump’s continued attempts to overturn the 2020 election results with unfounded claims and Republican lawmakers’ continued efforts to strengthen voting rules in 17 states. Does not mention, but in recent elections it “will be done.”

“Americans, despite the pandemic, gathered to vote, vote, and ballot, and achieved historic levels of voter participation. The business community has achieved historic levels of voter participation. We are proud of our role in encouraging communities to vote and encourage the government to have a say. “

According to the Business for Voting Rights, the 166 companies that signed the letter employ a total of 4 million workers. Other notable signatories include Microsoft Corporation, Alphabet Inc’s Google, Tesla Inc, and Unilever Corporation.

American companies have traditionally taken a more conservative view of politics, but large companies have been talking about certain issues in recent months, such as civil rights, which are more consistent with the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden. I’m taking a stance.

It has also been in conflict with the Republicans for a long time Promotion He is a friend of a large corporation and an opponent of corporate tax.

Hundreds of companies publicly opposed earlier this year Voting restrictions Enacted or considered in Republican-led states such as Georgia, Florida, and Texas.

Dozens of Fortune 500 companies Freeze political contributions To lawmakers who voted against proving the 2020 election results after a Trump-fueled mob attacked the US Capitol on January 6.

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