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'My deaf daughter keeps being excluded from birthday parties – I'm so upset'

A concerned mum has shared how she does not know what to do after learning her daughter has been excluded from several birthday parties, despite the rest of her class being invited

The mum doesn’t understand why her daughter has been excluded (stock photo)

Children’s birthday parties can be big occasions, so you can imagine one mum’s upset when she realised her young daughter keeps being excluded from celebrations.

It is news that no parent wants to hear, and the mum was saddened to learn her daughter has been left out several times. And to make matters worse, her child is the only one in her class who was not invited.

At a loss for what to do, the concerned parent took to Mumsnet, where she explained the difficult situation and asked for advice.

Her post outlined how her daughter has spent nine happy months at her nursery school, where she has made friends and “gets on pretty well day to day.”

Most children love parties (stock photo)


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She added that the family has thrown birthday parties before, though they had to be kept small because of Covid-19 restrictions.

But her daughter was not invited to three recent parties, held at softplay and community centres, with her child being the only one singled out.

She told how she was shocked by the discovery, since her “lovely” two year old “gets on with everyone.”

“I can’t think why they would leave her out,” she wrote.

Her post continued: “My baby is deaf and wears double hearing aids so does struggle a bit with communication sometimes. I’m not saying this is the reason at all. But just don’t want to drip feed.”

She then asked for advice, not sure how to handle the situation, and her post was then inundated with replies from fellow mums, hoping there had been a misunderstanding.

One person said: “It’s heartbreaking isn’t it? But I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation.”

Another asked: “Does your nursery give out a class list? If so I’m wondering if your child isn’t on it?”

And a third suggested: “It may just be something innocent. Are your contact details correct on the class list. They could of sent you an invite but just went to your spam or your phone number is wrong. Or the invite was part of a class WhatsApp group you haven’t joined.”

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