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The Curiosity rover lately celebrated its birthday on Mars on the night time of 5 August. The robotic which was launched in November 2011 and reached Mars on 5 August 2012 has been there on the purple planet for the final 9 years. It has been designed to have a lifespan of 14 years.

With assist from the rover’s observations, scientists have been in a position to higher perceive the purple planet. Throughout these 9 years, the rover has travelled slightly greater than 25 km (a complete of 16.14 miles).

NASA launched a self-portrait of the Curiosity from 2018 sitting atop Vera Rubin Ridge on Mars. Picture credit score: NASA

The observations made by the rover have revealed that within the historic previous, the Gale crater on Mars hosted a lake and stream system. This discovering indicated the likelihood that the purple planet was able to supporting life, similar to Earth.

One other signal of life found by Curiosity on Mars is the natural chemical substances. These parts comprise carbon which is taken into account to be the constructing blocks of life. A spike within the focus of methane was additionally noticed by the Curiosity Rover. Methane could be produced by each residing creatures but additionally by means of abiotic processes.

On the event of Curiosity’s ninth birthday on the purple planet, NASA shared an image of the rover clicked in 2018. The curiosity rover was investigating the Vera Rubin Ridge when it took an image of itself.

Curiosity tweeted to its 4.1 million followers on Twitter, letting them know it’s celebrating its ninth landiversary. Often, the lonely rover sings itself the Glad Birthday music yearly.

Lately, the rover on Mars captured a picture of slightly rock within the Gale crater, studies The small construction is barely 16.5 centimetres (6.5 inches) tall. Nevertheless, scientists are enthusiastic about it resulting from its uncommon form.

Together with the Curiosity rover, NASA has two extra robots exploring Mars – the InSight lander and the Perseverance rover. China’s house company China Nationwide Area Administration (CNSA) additionally has a lander-rover module on Mars – the Zhurong rover. After the US and Russia, China is barely the third nation to efficiently land a robotic on Mars.

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