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New digital life, the same old problem – News

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There are questions at the heart of many battles about digital life. Should what’s happening on the Internet be kept at a higher standard than the old methods of the analog world?

It’s a link between complaints about Sell ​​products on Amazon, App distribution In the smartphone app store, I’m trying to make a living on YouTube Or Rent a house on Airbnb.. In each case, people and businesses are complaining about the costs, rules, and instability of activities that were once more burdensome, if possible.

Some of these complaints are misguided and some reflect the underlying anxiety about living online. The internet promised to overturn the old way, and it eroded the power of old gatekeepers like Hollywood bosses and big box stores who said yes or no to those trying to do what they liked. did. But instead, there are new and equally powerful digital gatekeepers like Google and Apple who can decide who will win or lose.

I received a recent email from Tucson’s OnTech leader named Susan and was thinking about this topic. About app makers that Apple says it imposes unreasonable cost and complexity on them and iPhone users.

For years, craft people have shared profits with stores that sell their handmade items on consignment. When I started in the 70’s it was 60% for me and 40% for the shopkeeper. After that, the fee was sometimes 50/50.

That’s why the App Store is a little confused by the problem of being entrusted with programmer apps. What is the difference between the App Store and the shop owner? Both are responsible for providing an exhibition space to the purchaser to ensure quality.

Susan hasn’t disabled the app maker’s complaint, but it does provide a useful context. This is always the way it is done, and there are often good reasons.

Stores have long decided what products to display on the shelves and how aggressively they want to promote to potential shoppers. Apple is doing virtually the same thing as with apps. And as Susan (And appleAs pointed out, traditional stores typically maintain retail price cuts for products that are well above Apple’s commission of up to 30% for some app transactions such as streaming video subscriptions. ..

It’s understandable to compare the old world with the digital world. Isn’t this new method so surprising? It’s great to hear a lot from readers as well as Apple.

I’ve also heard from people asking if some members are fair. Congress is trying to change the law to stop Amazon From making their own brand of coffee and sundresses to compete with merchants at Amazon’s Digital Mall. After all, traditional retailers have done the same forever with store versions of Tylenol and Cheerios. People who make videos on YouTube and TikTok Break neck pace And Unpredictable salary Was it always a grind to make a living from entertainment?

They are fair points. But I also think these complaints reflect a disagreement between expectations and reality about the Internet. Now that anyone can create and post anything online, it can be very difficult to get attention. Enter a new gatekeeper that is as powerful and capricious as the old gatekeeper.

Cat toy makers no longer have to persuade them to sell their products to the store. She can set up her own website or sell it on Amazon.But she may still have to spend a fortune on Google Or Amazon Just to get attention.

Similarly, talented performers can create YouTube videos and skip trying to navigate the Hollywood studio system. But he’s been seen on the whims of Google’s algorithms and is eventually paid. Anyone who has a great idea of ​​a video game can create an app instead of persuading a big company to make a game, but she’s almost completely directed by the owners of app stores such as Google and Apple. Depends on. (Dozens of Attorney Generals Sued Google On Wednesday, the company claims to be abusing the power of dictatorial apps. )

It’s still amazing to be able to reach billions of potential fans with just a few clicks. The old method was tedious and difficult, but the frustration with the new method is real.

  • It’s entirely Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook: In an excerpt from a new book about a colleague’s company, Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang detail the Facebook crisis over the last five years. Sheryl Sandberg’s influence has diminished, The company’s second commander.

  • Need a database to track all technical proceedings: Dozens of Attorney Generals have sued Google. This is the fourth antitrust proceeding filed against the company by US federal or state authorities since October.This accuses Google of abusing its power on Android phones Enforce unfair conditions on app makers.. The proceedings are also putting pressure on Apple, which operates the iPhone app store in a similar way, reports David McCabe and Dai Wakabayashi.

  • Giant Kitty: Solid Digital image of “yacht-sized cat” Colleagues Hikari Hida and Mike Ives write that Tokyo attracts a lot of people and fans. Digital billboard calico cats, like real cats, pop up for a short time to welcome people and snooze a lot.

Baby manatees!!!

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New digital life, the same old problem

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