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HometravelOnly the top 1% of people will correctly identify the animal in...

Only the top 1% of people will correctly identify the animal in new optical illusion – what do you see?

THE internet is once again divided on an optical illusion as the debate over what animal appears in this image continues.

While there is a correct answer to this trippy image, some viewers are still insisting otherwise.


TikTok account Top 3 Unknowns explained an optical illusion which has viewers decided if its a bird or a rabbitCredit: TikTok/top3unknowns

TikTok account Top 3 Unknowns shared the illusion with users and explained the two possible answers: rabbit or raven.

“There’s definitely an eye there but are those a pair of ears or a beak?” he asked.

The TikToker revealed the correct answer is raven.

While this may be evident to some viewers, he gave further explanation to the confusion over the image.

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“The white on the raven’s beak along with its glossy feathers certainly gives the illusion of a fluffy rabbit,” he said.

Viewers continued the debate in the comments, with one person writing: “I see both, but it’s obvious that that’s a beak.”

Other users agreed that the image clearly showed a raven.

“I really don’t see much of a rabbit,” said one comment, while another TikToker wrote: “I saw a Raven, immediately.”

Another viewer disagreed with this sentiment, saying: “I saw a rabbit.”

However, one comment was quick to point out the image was a raven if you looked closely.

“I knew it was a raven because I’ve had bunnies and their ears don’t look like that.”

One comment seemed to settle on the fence of the debate, writing: “Honestly, I saw a rabbit at first, just tilt your phone sideways and you can see the raven clear as day.”

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