Physicist Quantifies Amount of Information in Entire Visible Universe

Estimate measures data encoded in particles, opens door to sensible experiments.

Researchers have lengthy suspected a connection between data and the bodily universe, with varied paradoxes and thought experiments used to discover how or why data may very well be encoded in bodily matter. The digital age propelled this discipline of examine, suggesting that fixing these analysis questions may have tangible functions throughout a number of branches of physics and computing.

In AIP Advances, from AIP Publishing, a College of Portsmouth researcher makes an attempt to make clear precisely how a lot of this data is on the market and presents a numerical estimate for the quantity of encoded data in all of the seen matter within the universe — roughly 6 occasions 10 to the ability of 80 bits of data. Whereas not the primary estimate of its variety, this examine’s method depends on data principle.

“The data capability of the universe has been a subject of debate for over half a century,” mentioned creator Melvin M. Vopson. “There have been varied makes an attempt to estimate the knowledge content material of the universe, however on this paper, I describe a singular method that moreover postulates how a lot data may very well be compressed right into a single elementary particle.”

To supply the estimate, the creator used Shannon’s data principle to quantify the quantity of data encoded in every elementary particle within the observable universe as 1.509 bits of data. Mathematician Claude Shannon, known as the Father of the Digital Age due to his work in data principle, outlined this methodology for quantifying data in 1948.

“It’s the first time this method has been taken in measuring the knowledge content material of the universe, and it gives a transparent numerical prediction,” mentioned Vopson. “Even when not solely correct, the numerical prediction gives a possible avenue towards experimental testing.”

Latest analysis sheds gentle on the methods data and physics work together, similar to how data exits a black gap. Nonetheless, the exact bodily significance of data stays elusive, however a number of radical theories contend data is bodily and may be measured.

In earlier research, Vopson postulated data is a fifth state of matter alongside strong, liquid, gasoline, and plasma, and that elusive darkish matter may very well be data. Vopson’s examine additionally included derivation of a formulation that reproduces precisely the well-known Eddington quantity, the entire variety of protons within the observable universe.

Whereas the method on this examine ignored antiparticles and neutrinos and made sure assumptions about data switch and storage, it gives a singular instrument for estimating the knowledge content material per elementary particle. Sensible experiments can now be used to check and refine these predictions, together with analysis to show or disprove the speculation that data is the fifth state of matter within the universe.

Reference: “Estimation of the knowledge contained within the seen matter of the universe” by Melvin M. Vopson, 19 October 2021, AIP Advances.
DOI: 10.1063/5.0064475

Physicist Quantifies Quantity of Info in Whole Seen Universe Source link Physicist Quantifies Quantity of Info in Whole Seen Universe

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