Question Looms Over This Year’s Group of 7: Where Are All the Protesters?

As the activists mingled on the deck of their rented boat, reminiscing about earlier Group of 7 conferences, some expressed regret that the virus had saved people away. “This one would have been large, however for the pandemic,” talked about Mr. Drummond, who’s a seasoned veteran of these gatherings, having primarily based the advocacy group, One, with Bono, the lead singer of U2.

He insisted that the new American president had not taken the wind out of the advocacy efforts. There was no in-person Group of 7 closing yr, he talked about, and the combination of a effectively being and native climate catastrophe lent this gathering as rather a lot urgency as any earlier summit.

“There are arduous details and information — about Covid, about local weather, about ecology, and about injustice — which aren’t being paid consideration to,” Mr. Drummond talked about. “And the response from leaders isn’t commensurate with these crises.”

Nonetheless, the image of Mr. Biden and Mr. Johnson waving jauntily to those on shore felt a lot much less like a cry for help than a reminder of the extravagant present of unity by the two leaders as soon as they first met the earlier day.

Megan Specia contributed reporting from London.

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