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Reese Witherspoon & Josh Lucas Tees’Sweet Home Alabama’Sequel-Hollywood Life – News

Reese Witherspoon recalled the 2002 movie “Sweet Home Alabama” in a new story about the possibilities of a sequel.

Josh Lucas, 50, I really want to make a sequel to his 2002 movie, Sweet Home Alabama.. The only problem? I don’t know if he is his co-star, Reese Witherspoon, 45, I have time to do it. But a new message from her on July 8th has fans wondering if she will eventually join Josh and agree to make another movie together.

“See, I want to do a sequel. The problem is that Reese has a reading club. And I’m telling you to laugh, but Reese, as you know,” Oh, you I can talk to her about five years from now. “She’s a mogul, “Josh said during the appearance of Sirius XM. Pop culture spotlight with Jessica Show July 6th.

Josh Lucas and Reese Witherspoon from “Sweet Home Alabama” in 2002. (Shutterstock)

“And when I was doing Sweet Home AlabamaFor some reason, I remember telling the director or someone about her, but said, “This woman must someday run a movie studio.” And she’s beyond that at this point. … I mean it’s extraordinary and not surprising at all, “he continued.

Josh has been pushing the sequel for years, but he was previously interested in 2019 when he said he was the original film director. Andy TennantI had the idea in mind — nothing more.

However, on July 8th (only two days after Josh’s interview), Reese visited Instagram and Movie screenshot.. The scene she showed was when Reese character Melanie Carmichael canceled her wedding. Patrick DempseyAndrew Hennings noticed that he was still in love with Josh Lucas’s childhood lover, Jake Perry.

“Do you remember what she said?” Reese asked her followers, and Dakota Fanning, The person who played the younger version of Melanie in the movie said, “The truth is that I let go of my heart, my whole heart long ago, and I never really got it back.” I answered.

So did Reese hint at a sequel to the movie? It’s not clear at this point, but I’m sure the timing of her post is doubtful.

Reese previously talked about making a sequel to the movie in August 2016. “I love Sweet Home Alabama!” She said inside Facebook live chat.. “We haven’t created a sequel we know, but if Disney wants to call me, we’ll be happy to do so. Sweet Home Alabama 2!! “

Fred Ward, Mary Kay Place, Jean Smart And Candice Bergen He also appeared in a fan’s favorite movie.

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