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“Road Runner: A Movie About Anthony Bourdain” Review: The Soul of Food Stars – News

Early in Morgan Neville’s fascinating and disturbing “Road Runner: A Movie About Anthony Bourdein,” a documentary film being shown in theaters, filmmakers can be heard quietly behind the camera. .. Gossip isn’t what he wants, he guarantees the subject of an uneasy interview by mentioning the tabloid scandal that happened shortly before Burdane’s death: “I make a movie about why he was him. I want to make it. “

The reason for his life was that the writer and media star who turned from a cook to a chef burned so brightly, enthusiastic about his experience, loved by many who knew him, and read and obeyed his enthusiastic words. His extravagant adventure includes why many loved him. Of course, inevitably, they cast a shadow over why he committed suicide three years ago, at the age of 61, hanging in his room in a French hotel. Unable to break through the mystery, the film easily touches the scandal without suggesting it as an answer. Still, Oscar-winner of the 2013 documentary 20 Feet from Stardom leaves us with a lively, completely satisfying sensation, just as Bourdein looked like him. ..

Sometimes the two matched. In a film clip of the late 1990s, during his tenure as Executive Chef at Brasserie Real in New York, he was just as cheeky, entertaining, attractive, clear, super-smart, self-sarcastic and very likable. A genius of energy that you can have. Much of his life. In the portrait of Mr. Neville’s documentary, people and personas suddenly begin to diverge from the author of the famous “Kitchen Confidential”, which has undergone various repetitions over 16 years and is mostly consumed on television food and travel programs. After following the road. His life. Bourdain, a natural narrator, loves new media and embraces it quickly, but it doesn’t cost himself or others a lot. The most influential interview in the film is with his friend and his second wife, Ottavia Absia Bourdein, most notably with the producers, directors and crew for years and miles. I saw him grow and change.

Some changes are not surprising. This is the result of an exhilarating yet exhausting process, which Bourdain later explained, “from airport to airport, from city to city. It’s starting to feel like a modern Willy romance.” Instead of starring in his own version of “Deathofa Salesman,” Peregrine’s host thrives by scarfing exotic food. But for him, he was immersed in a culture as foreign as the viewer for a moment. That’s a surprise. According to the movie, travelers around the world had never traveled until his first series, “Cook’s Tour.” He knew about other lands primarily from movies and books, which heightened his already greedy desire for the real thing.

It’s no wonder that appetite is prominent in documentaries about chefs who eat, smoke, drink, and find charm around the world. But with a desire for nutrition and a desire for experience, it is the insatiable thirst for the extreme experience of his subject that transforms Neville’s film from fascinating to nasty, painful and frightening. .. It wasn’t just the harsh roads that caused the turmoil in Bodin’s two marriages and his cherished family life, but the 250-day trip each year. “People forget that Anthony Bourdain was an addict,” says his friend, artist and self-proclaimed addict David Choe. “I jumped. These five horrifying words help a lot to explain the latter spread of the film.

Always a searcher, Bourdain is obsessed with performing difficult, if not borderline, shows, and it’s impossible to succeed. He is relentless in pursuing his strength, but his relationship with the production team is getting stronger and stronger. His television colleagues and collaborators are always trying to make him a better and more compassionate person in interviews, but often difficult, impatient, angry, and intentional when the camera isn’t on him. It states that there is. He poses a danger by bringing the show to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which sees the Congo River, which has a literary connection to one of his favorite films, Apocalypse Now. He goes up the river. It’s fascinating to find yourself, think, and confront your dark heart. Through constant travel, repetitive setups, endless encounters with people who want celebrities, this famous chef and delight eater are eaten alive by increasingly punished and increasingly enjoyable work. It is clear that it is.

Neville’s film is sexist and reductionist that Burdane’s failure to associate with his last girlfriend, Italian actress and filmmaker Asia Argento, was the cause of his suicide. It has been criticized for what appears to be implications. Argent puts out quite a few towards the end of the movie, as she was in the subject life. But she is a latecomer to a documentary that reminds and understands Anthony Bourdain’s gifts, charm, careers, lasting passions, and evil attachments. A movie of perfect energy and complexity, it’s an amazing inspirational description of life.

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